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Well folks I can now report of more progression. Prior to the surgery, I would be embarrassed to tell folks if I could not eat something because of my allergies. I mean, really, looking at me you could not tell I ever missed a meal. So I would rather have an allergic reaction than not eat something someone had prepared for me. However, I have grown since my surgery on June 20, 2011. Now I not only refuse food I am allergic to but also refuse to eat more than I can handle. Victory? Yes!!!!

Today my husband I attended an event in which he was speaker. A wonderful spread was prepared for us. I consumed a chicken leg and a few bites of veggies and that was all that I could handle. So I asked the waitress for a doggy bag, only to find out that they were not issuing them at that event. Of course that got the attention of all assigned to our table(so I felt) :blink: The old me would have been in panic mode; they are all looking, what waste, someone had to pay for that you know! I sat calmly and continued talking to those seated near me. I picked up my knife to cut another slice of chicken, and said "NO!" The gentleman sitting next to me said, "Excuse me?" I politely smiled and changed the subject. At that point I decided not to make myself uncomfortable anymore for anyone. It is my life on the line. I am going to fight for it. No more eating just because someone else wants me to or made it especially for me. The step I took today took bravery for me and I pray that I can continue.

Something else that took bravery for me was to finally post a picture of me before surgery. I will upload some after surgery shots when I feel I have made significant progress. Kinda of scared of that one....

Just thought I would share. :D


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