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Almost to 10 years Post op




Here I am it has been 9 years since surgery. October 3rd 2022 will be 10 years since I had surgery. I have been 187 for the past 6 years since I had my son. My weight does go up and down but never passed 187. I still manage to eat small meals. I always stop when full and eat on small plates to make sure I never over do it. I still can not do a lot of sugar. If I even have 2 bites of ice cream I’m done and so sick. I’m honestly ok with that. It keeps me from snacking to much. I am currently a size 12. This year I said I was going to get back on my weight loss. Hoping to get down to 150-160 pounds. I have been doing the treadmill everyday for an hour to get myself back on the move. Hoping to finally reach my end goal. The lowest weight I did get to was 156 pounds. Here’s to a new year and getting myself back on track. This was still the best decision of my life. 


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