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Checklist... and venting




All I have left to complete of my checklist is my lab work, 2nd support group (which is in 2 weeks) meeting, the exercise consult (which is on Feb 4) and My gastro evaluation for the upper GI (consult is on feb 3). I'm so close, yet I already feel like giving up.... I haven't been able to make the changes I wanted to, mainly because of stress. A part of me just wants to cancel everything, but I have come so far. Emotionally, I'm a wreck, I can't get the hang of chewing my food so slowly about 25 times. I want to be a role model and be strong but I feel like I'm losing this battle. :( I just wish I had some friends, someone to talk to.... I feel like my family and marriage is falling apart. I'm alone in Chicago. :(Sorry for venting...


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You're not alone Heather.  Many of us had periods of second guessing our decision to go through with our WLS.

A few things that can help is to always sit at a table to eat, use a pretty, small plate or bowel (I got a bone china side plate from Goodwill), cut your food into small pieces first and use your fork or spoon in your non-dominant hand (that was the best tip I was given - you can't shovel your food in - unless you want to wear some of it. :lol:).  And put your fork (or whatever) down in between those small bites. 

The next time you go to your support group, ask if anyone wants to "buddy up" up with you (by phone or whatever).  I can promise you, what you're feeling is not unusual.

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