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Already 6 months!




Hello and Happy New Year to all! I am now 6 months after my sleeve surgery and still losing weight. I am almost at goal weight, just 1.6 kg to go - yeyyyyy!!! So far I feel really well, and even though I cannot eat big amounts of foods yet, I manage most types of proteins without too much trouble. The really bad constipation I had seems to have stopped now (thankfully) so that's an improvement.

During a recent trip, I tried Crystal Light to add to my water and have been drinking lots of that. It seems from the nutrition information that it should be ok - the peach flavor is just 5 calories and 0 carbs. If someone can comment on whether drinking Crystal Light is ok or should be avoided for some reason, I would really appreciate it. I have not had any reflux after the operation, but I am afraid to eat or drink something inadvertently which may trigger it. I discover the Crystal Light during the Christmas vacation and it didn't seems to have an effect on weight loss, because I lost weight during the holidays.

I will focus on exercise more, as I had completely stopped last November. Will rejoin a gym class for which I have paid in advance but didn't go after the initial two week trial period. My energy levels appear to be normal but I don't feel like going to the gym. Maybe the winter weather doesn't help, but I will do my best as I am afraid of losing muscle mass due to the very rapid weight loss. I cannot believe that I am so close to be in a normal BMI range. But I have done it before and then regained all the weight back and some more, so I am under no illusions that the really hard part will be maintenance. But one day at a time : )

In terms of NSV, I attended a party after Christmas and got to wear a size 12 dress that fitted really well and wore stilettos, which I had not worn for years. I felt so glamorous and also, and most importantly, my knees were ok while I wore the high heels for several hours, and even afterwards I didn't have any pain. That's a first!

I am almost worried that everything has gone so well so far and I pray that I will not have complications later on. So that's all for now. Wish you all a wonderful 2020!!



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Update: After I wrote the last entry, I felt quite nauseous after drinking a hot herbal tea and had to throw up. I woke up with a strange feeling in the stomach, didn't feel like eating so just had the tea and felt sick quickly afterwards. Went back to bed to rest for a couple of hour have this funny sensation between fullness (even though had not had any food) and a little bit of nausea. Just tried a bit of almond pancakes and a little greek yogurt to see if I can digest that. I wonder what could be the reason. Yesterday I had chili con carne with some spices and a Crystal light just before going to bed. Will stop the Crystal Light to see if the problem was that.

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