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Almost 5 months




Hello! I am four days shy of being five months post op and I wanted to give a quick update. I saw my surgeon last week and all is going really well. My blood tests came back all normal, including my cholesterol which I had had borderline high for many years now. So I am very pleased about that. I also got extremely high levels of vit B-12, but the surgeon told me not to worry as this is because of the B-12 shot that I got last month, so he advised that I should skip the next shot due in January - they are due every three months.

I still suffer from constipation which is quite annoying but I try to manage it drinking as much water as I can (which is usually not enough) and some fiber. The common over the counter remedies make me feel a bit sick, so the surgeon suggested to try prune juice to see if that helped.

Interestingly, he also advised me to have a little chocolate or a treat once a week. I told him I will not be doing that because I am afraid of myself and do not want to wake up my powerful cravings, which thankfully seem to be dormant since I had the surgery. After my appointment I thought that the Jello chocolate pudding is very good to have as a treat, as it tastes really good and it is very low calorie, so I will be having that more often. 

In terms of weight loss, I have lost almost 30 kg, which is great. My surgeon was pleased and said that I can lose another 10 kg, which is around my goal weight of 63 kg (that would be the top end of my normal BMI). 

I can report that I do not have any incision pain anymore but when I eat some types of food I can feel a bit sick and sort of unwell. Nothing very bad, but sometimes I need to lie down. The good thing is that I am almost never hungry or thirsty, and when I am not eating I feel really well. I can tolerate well eggs, cheese, yogurt, salmon, very tender chicken breast (boiled with some veg and herbs for flavor) and biscuits made with almond flour. I am mostly doing a keto diet because it makes me feel well, but have some beans every now and then.

I am happy that I can fit again in nice clothes. Recently I attended a black tie ball, and for once I didn't feel self conscious by wearing a long dress, on the contrary felt good in my size 12 dress : ) So I am very grateful to my wonderful surgeon as I feel that my life has changed for the better. I enjoyed the night and danced lots with my lovely husband.

I forgot to mention one thing that's not great, I am losing lots of hair. I'm taking Biotin, getting lots of protein and having a supplement for hair on top. I really hope it is temporary. It started around 3.5 months and I am still losing a large amount. 

That's all for now! 



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Congratulations on all your accomplishments! You are doing awesome!!!!! Keep up all the good work! 

I like Jello chocolate pudding too and find it easy on the pouch. 

I too lost alot of hair. And yes, it did grow back. Don't worry. It's disconcerting while it's happening, but it's just your body adjusting to all the changes it's going through. I have to admit I wasn't as scared as most people, because my hair had fallen out when my dad died just due to stress. And it had grown back that time too. So I knew (well, pretty much knew ;)), it would again grow back. And it did. Talking to my doctor helped me because he assured me the timeline my hair loss was following was typical and of no concern. 

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@cindylouwhoThanks for the encouragement! My next goal will be to be able to do a spectacular walk like the one you did in the Alps, though I am not sure that my knees with osteoarthritis will be up for that - but I can dream : )

 I went to another very formal ball last night and wore a dress that had not fit  me in a very long time and felt beautiful and confident. I am still overweight but such a long way from the obese woman I was less than 6 months ago. I am afraid of maintenance but I will take one step at a time and concentrate now in losing all the extra weight and get to a normal BMI.

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