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Three months and Overweight!




This week, it was three months since I had my surgery. I am completely recovered from the incisions and sometimes I forget that I am sleeved.

I stepped in the scale this morning and when I checked the app in my phone (which is connected to the scale) it told me that my BMI is 29.9, so no longer in the obese range!!! It is very close, but still, my BMI is in the 20s now. I am very pleased that lately I have been losing weight very fast. I am not that hungry at all, so it is a bit of a challenge to make sure that I get enough protein every day. Just wanted to record that. I feel surprisingly well. However, two people have told me that I look very tired. It is strange because if anything, I feel more energetic than before. It could be that my face is getting thinner and they are used to see a plumper face with a double chin : ) It made me think whether I am in fact looking unwell....  despite that, I am very happy because my old jeans are fitting, and I am slowly been able to wear again nice clothes that had been put away for a long time.

I am eating a sort of keto style diet, but with some berries that I mix in a protein shake. Yesterday I had the bizarre thought of what would I do if I cannot stop losing weight, as I seem to be in a very rapid weight loss phase. Crazy. I know that this will not happen to me, and that probably I will have the opposite problem once the honeymoon period finishes and I start the maintenance. We'll see.

That is all for now!



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@BrightDay  congratulations on your loss and getting into the 20s! 

Sometimes people mistake our thinner faces for being unwell. To my own eye I can see creases in my face that were not there before; luckily for me, mine are in the pattern you see with a smile, so the creases are not unwelcome. 

Have you thought about what your Goal might be? 

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@BurgundyBoy many thanks for your comments! Yes, I think that I too may have a few more lines in my face, but nothing too dramatic. When I look myself in the mirror, I am surprised to see a sort of thin and younger face looking back at me. I am going to try to use more makeup to see if that helps to get rid of the zombie look : )

My surgeon suggested that my goal be 70 kg but the nutritionist said that to be normal weight I should aim to be around 63. It may be too low for me, but I will keep going to see how far I can get. I am 75ish now, so not too long to go!

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Congrats! You're doing really well!

When I was losing, my face got a little... I don't know, older or a little unhealthy looking? Kind of saggy and with more hollow eyes? But since I hit GW, things have tightened up and gone back to being normal. I definitely look younger than I did when I was heavy. It's also a question of people getting used to your shrinking appearance. 

The rapid weight loss can feel a little unsettling, but your body will most likely stop at a very healthy place. Even if you go a little lower than you like, it may adjust upwards a bit after a while. Finding the sweet spot is a process, not a finish line sort of thing. My body is still changing a lot at 2.5 years out (in a good way!). 

No longer obese: hooray!

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