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4 weeks!

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Four weeks ago I have my sleeve, amazing how time passes so quickly. I am doing well, still in the puree stage for one more week. Mi biggest incision is still bothering quite a lot, with a stabbing pain that feels deep inside my abdomen. I consulted with the surgeon who said it was to be expected, but I feel that it is getting worse rather than better. I worry that it can be due to the fall down the stairs that I had early on, or some gardening that I did 12 days post op, where I lifted some weight. Actually, the pain started right after the gardening, so I am praying that the internal stitches are holding well and healing fine. I really would hate to get an incisional hernia! which of course, it would be due to my own stupidity. Anyway, I have my follow up appointment with the surgeon in a week and a half, so I will continue to take it very easy and wait and see.

Other than that, I have recovered quite well. No more bowel problems (I am religiously having all the fluids and including fiber in my diet) and so far everything that I have eaten has agreed with me.  

My face is much less swollen, and I am starting to look more like myself before I gained the extreme weight. My uncle came to see me two days ago and told me that I was looking very well - I didn't tell him about the operation because he is a bit of an hypochondriac and would have given me lots of unsolicited advice - and encouraged me to keep going with the diet. So it is showing! But I can see that in my trousers which are looser and tops that are not that tight, even though the scale is more or less the same since last week.

All in all, recovery is going well but it is still early days. I am working on having a healthy mindset and so far have not had any cravings at all. We shall see : )

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