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Two Weeks gone




I wrote this 3 months ago, and by mistake didn't publish it, so I am doing it now.


Hello! I am not a good writer and have never written a blog, but I wanted to document what I am going through, because I have a terrible memory and unless I write things, I forget everything.

I had my surgery two weeks and two days ago, and I am feeling better and better every day. I am still in the liquid phase - my surgeon requires three weeks of liquid diet - and sometimes I feel a little hungry (I think) and want to chew something solid. I am living off soups with protein powder mixed in, Premier Protein vanilla and chocolate shakes and water. Las week I had a horrible constipation so I also drank lots of prune juice as well.

I will have an appointment with a nutritionist in two days and will ask about ideas for liquid meals and also for the next phase. My surgeon doesn't work with a nutritionist and I was feeling a bit aimless with the eating instructions I got from him. Hopefully the NUT will be able to help me also planning for a holiday that I have in one month time. I am going to the beach with my children and to be honest, I am dreading it a bit. It will be hot and I wont be at home with everything I need to prepare my meals. But it is only one week and the children need a summer holiday : )

In terms of stats, I weighed 99 kg the day of my surgery with a BMI of around 39. I have not had a follow up appointment with the surgeon yet (that will be 6 weeks post op) but when I went to see the pharmacist for my medication, I steeped in a machine they have to measure BMI and blood pressure, and apparently I weigh 90 kg. My scale at home marks between 91-92 but it is not a reliable scale, so I am going to wait until my follow up to see how much I have lost. But whatever it is, it is something, because my tops are loose and my pants are not as tight as before. 

Tomorrow I will have family visiting with me, so will have to do a lot of cooking. So far that has not bothered me, and I wonder of cooking will still be one of the things that give me pleasure, as I advance in this journey. I guess the answer is no, since cooking and eating (too much) is what brought me to this stage...

My incisions are still a bit sore but I can move around in bed at night, so can sleep better, though I still get up every two or three hours for some reason.

Than's all for now. 




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