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So, I have held the idea of a 5DPT in the back of my mind for when I “needed” it.  I’ve been slowly but steadily going up since January.  (I thought it was only 5# but when I looked back at my weight chart, it was nearly 10#!!!!  GULP!!!!  So, it was none to late to pull that fall-back out and use it.  I wasn’t sure it would help me lose weight but if it at least helps me kick my carb habit and make my pouch remember its size!!!  

Day 1: I got up (really early, it was an early schedule I was working that week, up at 4 am, home by 2:30) and made a big shake out of 3 c unsweetened almond milk and 2 scoops of protein shake mix (30 gm protein) and then drank some and left the rest in the refrigerator so I would be able to drink it later (I don’t want to be hungry and be lazy and think “I don’t want to make a shake” so I wanted it RTD.  I put it a big 32 oz cup w/ a straw so if I came in the kitchen and “needed” something ASAP to stop from grabbing a snack, it was available.  I headed off to work and drank 2 12 oz hot teas (I do every day at work) and by 11 I was hungry.  So I had a cup of broth.  About noon, I was feeling that hunger again, so I had a RTD vanilla shake w/ very low carbs.  I had stomach hunger, but I was also having the desire to chew, so after my broth, I had a piece of gum.  That seemed to help enough.  I also had poured myself a 20 oz water from the water cooler and had drank that between 6 am and noon so I refilled another.  About 2 I had another broth but this time it was a unjury protein broth (chili flavor) which was good and thick and filling.  I left for home shortly after that.  When I arrived home at 3 pm, I wanted to eat something.  Some hunger mixed with some head hunger.  I was SOOOOO glad when I got home that I could open the refrigerator and just sip some of that chocolate shake I had made!!!!   Things got tougher as I opened the freezer and the ice trays were water!  Yikes!  I listened and there was no sound (compressor or fan) and the temps were climbing (on our 2 yr old $2000 appliance who’s warranty has expired!).  Of course my husband was out of state at a convention and he is such a handy man that can fix anything, but it was up to me.  I started emptying the meat that was softening and just then my son in law stopped over to drop something off for my son so he offered to take my box of meat to his deep freezer.  What I had left, I put in the garage freezer and tossed some and started to cook some (I had found 6 different bags of frozen meatballs so I threw them in a crock pot w/ a jar of sauce and let them cook, which wasn’t such a good idea for someone on a liquid diet!  I so wanted to eat them!).  I was on the phone w/ Samsung troubleshooting and trying my best to fix it.  Finally I hung up as there was nothing left I could do..  I decided to pull it out and check behind it.  Had I known it weighed a ton (or what felt like it!) I wouldn’t have tried but it was a good thing I did bc it I couldn’t move it, but I  jerked it forward on one side and the sweet sound of the compressor and fan kicked on!  Whew!  But all that work, and food and I didn’t stress eat a thing!!!  I collapsed into bed at 11:30 that night with a smile on my face that I COULD do this!!!

Day 2: started early again at 4 am.  Again, I made another big shake to keep in the fridge (which was still working ...whew!).  I headed to work, drank my 2 teas, my water, my broth, and my shakes.  it was getting easier.  I would have liked to have eaten something but I could definitely handle not eating for 2 days (after all, I kept reasoning that I had gone 4 whole weeks on liquids when I was having my surgery!). 

Day 3: I had a shake again in the am bc at 4 am that is the easiest thing!!! :)  for lunch (11 am), I had a lemon pepper tuna packet and it tasted sooo delicious! I had greek yogurt (low carb) for an afternoon snack.  Funny thing was I had forgotten that a yogurt was 5.3 oz and my food was supposed to be 4 oz.  BUT my pouch reminded me and I couldn’t finish the yogurt cup!  AMAZING!  For dinner I had another tuna pouch because it was easy and I was running out the door.  When I got home, I had a string cheese bc I was hungry.  I went to bed feeling proud of me again.

Day 4: Feeling more and more confident.  This was my day to “sleep in” until 5:15 am!  I had a greek yogurt (most of it, couldn’t finish it) for bfast when I got to work at 7:30.  At 11 I had a string cheese and at 1 I had a tuna packet again.  For dinner, I had 4 small turkey meatballs w/ a piece of provolone on top but I couldn’t finish it.  It was SO cool to have my restriction back!!!  

Day 5: I had yogurt for bfast and tuna for lunch.  I kept up with drinking lots of water all 5 days which helped.  For dinner I had dark meat chicken and some grilled veggies but filled quickly.  

Day 6: I stepped on the scale and was rewarded!!!!  6.0#!!!!  

Day 7: Scale: 7.7# down

Day 8: Scale 8.4#!!! So worth it!  My clothes feel better, my faith in the scale (haha!) and my hope in my ability to lose weight again after not having lost all year was restored, as was the size of my pouch!!!

I still want to keep actively losing so I am not having carbs and still drinking a lot, chewing a lot and watching portions (all the things we were experts at at the beginning!). I think I may continue to do a liquid day every Monday until I am down to where I want to be and then figure what to do to maintain.  

Just wanted to document my progress for everyone out there who hasn’t tried it and was wondering what it would be like.  It was so much easier than “dieting” used to be.  Telling myself “no” comes easier these days as the reward is quick and encouraging!  I feel renewed in my journey!  





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Hey - good job catching these habits early and working hard to meet your goals! And it sounds like you had some stressors that could have sent you into a tailspin, but you powered through it. Go you! 

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Great post, thanks for all the excellent information! And more importantly, HUGE congratulations on tackling this and taking charge! WAY TO GO!!!!! 


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