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It's been aaaaaages.....



Wow! I realized it's been December since I posted. Holy cr@p! I haven't poked around the threads yet to see how everyone's doing, but I will! 

I'm doing well. I'll post the not so great first - I developed kind of a not great relationship with alcohol and may have given myself an ulcer as a result. I've only been experiencing pain for about two weeks, so I contacted the doctor ASAP. They're giving me a megadose of PPI daily and I'll have an endoscopy when I go in for my 18 month appointment in May. I'd do that sooner, but I can't afford the procedure so I'll have to save up for it. I'm hopeful that we can get it all healed up and I've stopped drinking alcohol altogether. Still drinking coffee, though. But just one cup a day. Maybe two ;) 

The great definitely outweighs the not so great, though! I've lost a total of 146 lbs. I weigh less than I've lost - 133 lbs. I exercise CONSTANTLY. I ride my bike all over the place and I'm at the skating rink a couple of nights a week. I actually struggle to get enough calories to keep up with my activity level. My husband and boyfriend (we're polyamorous) are constantly trying to get me to eat more often and I have to pack snacks when I ride my bike over 20 miles or so. So I'm just going to say EXERCISE IS KEY!!!!

I've registered for a 30 mile ride in May and a 100 mile ride in September and my training is on track to be successful in both. I fairly regularly ride 30 miles these days, but I'm adding mileage to keep increasing what I'm able to do. This Saturday I plan to ride 45 miles. I'm hoping to get up to 60 by the end of April. 

I do have some self-consciousness about my loose skin, but I am working through that. I won't be able to afford plastics anytime soon (if at all), so making peace is my only real choice at the moment. I do plan to incorporate some strength training into my exercise routine and hope that will help tone things up a bit, but I know the loose skin is going to stick around in some capacity. Still so worth it, though.

I added a pic of me at Disco Night at the rink. I was the only one who dressed up, but I tend to like the attention these days ;) 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.50.21 AM.png


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Looking very sassy, there, @Cardamom77! I wish I lived near you so I could come and skate with you. I love to skate.

First of all, let me say congrats on reigning in the alcohol consumption. We've got to watch out for that stuff, and it sounds like you took your warning seriously. Good for you. 

As for the ulcer, sorry to hear that. Not fun. I hope you can get it figured out. In the meantime, thank goodness for PPI.

It sounds like you and I are both passengers on the exercise crazy train. I feel like it's a pretty good substitute addiction - but I also have to work at getting in enough calories, which is a weird problem to have after all these years of the exact opposite, but interesting. Snacks are life. I eat constantly. Fuel for the exercise! Good for you for upping your riding mileage. 100 miles sounds like a scary goal, but breaking it down into 30 then 60 then 100 sounds a lot more doable. 

I hear you on the skin. Mine's not horrible, I've been quite lucky, but I do feel self-conscious about it when it's visible. I feel a little afraid of plastics (pain, scarring, etc) and I just tell myself to get over myself, but it's hard to do that. Again, not a horrible problem to have, particularly when contrasting it with being really overweight, but nonetheless, I feel like I'd like it to go away. You can't see yours at all in this picture - you just look like a skinny person in a fabulous outfit. 

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Holy moley,,,, @Cardamom77!  When you told me you were 133, I knew it sounded small, but look at you...you are a freakin’ skinny-mini!!!!  Wowsa!  Well done, girl friend!

Hoping the elimination of alcohol heals up the ulcer and you can go on as per normal.  The loose skin is not at all visible in the pic and your collar bones are to die for! 

Keep on biking and riding....awesome for you!  So glad to see you stop in, don’t be a stranger! :)


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WOW! LOVE THAT PICTURE!! What fun!! So proud of you! You are doing great! Congrats on stopping the alcohol - I'm considering doing that too. I've gotten in the habit of a glass or two of wine each night, and while I can use the calories, I know it's not good for me. And for me it also makes me want to eat/snack on not-so-good foods so it's a double whammy. So far it hasn't affected the scale, but I know it's not good. 

I agree about exercise! Isn't it fun to move the new body that likes to move!?! I'm exercising 5-6 days a week, and really enjoy it. It keeps my stress down, reminds me that I'm in good shape, gives me something to improve on (now that I don't want the scale to move), encourages me to have good nutrition, and lets me eat more! Win, win, win! 

Love your collar bones! :) 

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