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Here I am, almost a year out. I'm actually posting this a couple of days after my 11 month anniversary. I've had a rough couple of weeks. I spent a week in an inpatient psych facility - voluntarily. I'm doing better now, though. I've just had a very difficult year and it finally got to me. While I was in the facility, my meds were adjusted and I got some therapy, which I will continue with, so I'm feeling hopeful.

I've been off my bike for the last two weeks, so my ride to work this morning was great and reminded me of how much I love riding! Especially as it cools off. Arkansas winters are not harsh, so I should be able to ride right through winter. I may ask some of you Yankee cyclists for tips on riding in the snow, though! 

I'm down to 152 lbs - so 2 lbs away from my personal goal. I am now 15 lbs below my surgeon's low end of the weight range they expected at a year. Slider foods are becoming an issue, but I'm aware and working on it. I'm going to ask my husband to take a photo of me soon so that I'm not just uploading bathroom selfies. Haha! But I'm down a total of 127 since the beginning of the journey, 114 since my surgery date. I'm in a size 10/medium in most clothes, down from a size 28. I was riding my bike 0 miles and now my longest ride to date is 32 miles. Feeling great!

In the last month or so, though, it seems like every time I mention my surgery to someone, they have started doing that thing again where they tell me about their cousin's wife's uncle's best friend who had surgery and got a [bowel adhesion, hideous ulcer, their guts got all twisted up, fill-in-the-blank] and now they have horrible complications, etc. I mean, I know that things can go wrong even years down the road, but I'm doing everything I can to prevent all the preventable complications and the ones that aren't preventable are so rare that if they were going to happen, they were going to happen. But it's interesting that people want to tell you this before you get surgery and after you've been successful. Ugh. 



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@Cardamom77 Glad you are through this rough period and are doing better. Life can be a challenge. 

When it comes to this surgery, success is boring and we all have to hear about the complications and problems. Am sure people end up afraid of surgery, and some proportion who would benefit don't have it because of the fears it arouses. 

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@Cardamom77 happy you are doing better and were able to get the help you needed. 

I have a story that I have told a couple of times when really obnoxious folks start down the path of the twisted bowel/hideous ulcer etc.  Actually I don't ever get to finish it but it's about a diabetic patient who should have had the surgery and instead ended up with a gangrenous foot.  About the time I describe taking their sock off and finding maggots they seem to lose interest in telling horror stories about WLS lol.  Feel free to borrow :)


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Sorry to hear about the rough couple of weeks but good for you for getting help. It’s been a crazy year for you and losing your sister days before surgery is more than most ppl could have handled and lots would have put off the surgery so you’ve gone through so much and are coming out a victor!!!  Glad you’re getting the counseling, you’re very strong and will come out of this year even stronger!

You have done awesome in your weight loss....just about 150 now, did you ever dare to dream that was possible last year?!?  You’ll be at your goal for sure my your surgerversary!!!

I still don’t tell ppl I had it done. I don’t feel like dealing with those comments or anything negative. I told the girl doing my mammogram a few months ago (bc she asked about my weight drop since last year - I guess they want to know if you’re sick and dying or whatnot- and I figure she’s “safe” she won’t tell anyone I know) She was so excited when I said I lost 50# and she said “how?” And I said “I had WLS” and her demeanor changed instantly and she said “oh” in a condescending way. Clearly she did not approve and it made me regret telling her so I locked that info back into my “safe” and I don’t tell anyone but you guys and my support group!

Anyway, great job on your weight loss and working on getting emotionally healthier ! You rock! 

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Thanks, all. I have bipolar disorder and PTSD (and generalized anxiety disorder! That's a new diagnosis! FUN!) and was taking the wrong meds, so that did NOT help. Things aren't perfect now, but they're much better. A lot of my issue is not allowing myself to grieve my sister's death. I'm working on it. 

I am kicking this weight loss thing's a$$, though! When I was in the psych facility, I had lots of opportunities to advocate for myself - they NEVER figured out my diet. Haha! I had to ask for different stuff at every meal. I got it figured out, though. 

@CheeringCJ I can understand why you wouldn't tell anyone. It's a pain in the butt dealing with the comments. I tell everyone, but I like arguing. Haha! I've been getting a little annoyed with the comments lately, though. 

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Sorry you've had a rough patch, @Cardamom77. I hope coming here and getting support is something helpful to you. 

Congrats on your progress - you're doing so well with your losses! Active, healthy, beautiful, smart: you're an amazing lady.

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What a lovely year!!!  I'm sorry to hear this about your sis. I joined this forum after her passing. I think of her as an angel sitting on your shoulder. She probably is your biggest fan and she is always with you!!! She is so proud of your accomplishments. 

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@Cardamom77, thanks for sharing about your struggles. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you. My sister and my son suffer from mental health issues and they are tough. I hope you are finding the support you need, and I'm glad things are easing for you a bit. 

So glad the bike is back for you! Congrats on ALL your accomplishments this year!


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