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10 months



Lord almighty, where do I start?

Well, let's start, as ever, with stats:
Starting weight: 311
Current weight: 209
Starting BMI: 53.4
Current BMI: 35.9
My weight has, for the most part, held completely steady this month. Thanks to this pregnancy, I'm eating constantly (or so it feels) but popping between 208 and 210 pretty regularly. I hit 205 the week after I found out I was pregnant, but as usual when I hit a new weight, it had bounced back to 208 the next day, and there I've stayed all month.
I've been fighting morning sickness - or really, all day sickness - off and on. Some days I can't keep anything down until 3pm or so, and others I don't even have a twinge of nausea. My other major problem? IM SO TIRED. I've been warned I won't know what tired really is until the kiddo arrives, but man, I've never felt fatigue like this. Most days, I'm coming home from work and crashing for a 30 minute nap on the couch until it's time to cook dinner. I miss hiking so badly but the idea of waking at 6am on my day off is funnily foreign to me at the moment, despite that being exactly what I've done for over a year now! I wake on those days, thinking its 7am, when in reality its 10am most of the time. The tiredness (and frequent travel lately) have been the major factor in my absence. If I'm not sleeping, I'm running the thousand errands I should've done while napping :D 
We got to see this havoc-wreaking little peanut on the ultrasound mid-September, and even got to hear the heartbeat although it was only 8 weeks at the time (yay technology!). I go back in a couple weeks for a monthly visit and a nuchal translucency test. 
On the actual WLS front, I find myself in the weirdest place. I'm legitimately hungry every 2 hours or so. Naturally, I still can only fit 4 ounces or so in at a time, and I think it's just being used up a bit more quickly than usual. So my NUT wanted me at 1300 calories a day, and my OB says to eat an extra 200-300 calories per day right now, but I'm still lucky to hit 1200 most days. Once in a while, usually because of ice cream or a really fatty sauce with dinner, I can get up to 1500. I've been trying to focus on more healthful and varied nutrient foods for obvious reasons, but my brain wants salt, carbs, and more salt right now. With the exception of carrots, grapes, and mangos, nothing in the fruit or vegetable category is staying down right now. I can very easily understand why the typical recommendation is to weight until 18 months post-op to get pregnant - its certainly not easy to manage cravings and try to eat like I'm supposed to at only 9-10 months post op!
I'm also in a smidgen of mourning for the fact that this happened just before I would've seen onederland. It's petty, but damnit, it's honest. I know (I hope, I hope!) I'll see it after the baby is born, but thats a darn long time away. 
On a competely different note, we recently visited friends in Colorado, and I got my hike on: 

We hiked the majority of Mount Falcon before the altitude hit me and we headed back down. I want to go back already!
Coming home was a veritable disaster, and we spent over 36 hours in airports because of two cancelled flights. :blink:
I'm hoping as the fatigue from the first trimester wears off, I can refocus on participating here and making sure I'm managing my intake better. I miss all of you!

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Whew! It sounds like quite a whirlwind you’ve been experiencing! I agree that balancing the nutritional needs of pregnancy and the eating requirements of being post-op must be really tricky. It sounds like you’re giving it your best, though, so congrats on that. 

Now get some rest and take good care of yourself :) 

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