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I fell down and went boom, but it all worked out...



I rode the Square 2 Square today! It was a little different than it would have been had it gone on as planned, but it was still pretty fun. About 20 miles in, I was adjusting my helmet and hit the edge of the trail weird and wrecked my bike. I mostly have a bruised ego, along with a skinned chin and knee, but my bike will need repairs. My bike was safe to ride, though, so I went ahead and rode the additional 10 miles I needed to finish. If my bike hadn't been safe to ride, I would have gotten a bike share bike and ridden that because I was FINISHING THE DANG RIDE. Haha! 

I'm pretty proud of myself. (Yes, I wore a cute dress to ride in because I'm femme af and that's how I roll. LOL) IMG_1790.thumb.JPG.893d821883c4add3bfccb38120419bc0.JPGIMG_3502.thumb.JPG.fd385a1f1ac8f3543ac8ff8b4a79a2a4.JPG




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Owie! For the pride and the skin and the bike :( 

But, yay you! You did a big ride!! I love your biking outfit - we don't all need to dress like superheroes to do every single bit of exercise, now, do we. 

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Thanks, all! My chin looks TERRIBLE today. It's all purple and scabby. But I'm wearing it like a badge of honor. :)

My bike will definitely need to be checked out, but it seems safe enough to ride, so I'm going to be back on it tomorrow to go to work! Hopefully I can scrape the money together to get it into the bike shop to get looked at soon. 

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