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Today’s ride

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I rode 16.52 miles today - 11.2 without stopping except to snap a quick pic of the lake - complete with some intense climbs. My ride ended in a cemetery, which is fitting for I am now dead. Lol! My legs could probably go longer, but my butt hurts so I’m done for the day. 




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LOL!!!!!   I love that you ended in a cemetery!!!!! Haha!  How did you get home though, didnt you have to ride BACK or did you just curl up in a plot???

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My husband picked me up. That was the plan. He works from 4am to 8am, so I set out at 6:30 and rode until I couldn't really ride anymore and he came to pick me up on the trail. It worked out pretty perfectly, with me texting him around 8:15. :)

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