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So close!



I’m still working toward the low end of my surgeon’s year out goal range of 167. This morning I’m at 168. :) Next goal - 150. After that I will likely focus on maintenance and quit weighing outside the doctor’s office. 

(The colors don’t mean anything other than I like lots of colors and I have a lot of pens and highlighters. Haha!)



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Aaaahhhhh you are sooooo close to his goal......smash it and keep going, that is what I am trying to do!   I want to lose all i can, while. I still can!!  You are so rocking it! 

I love your page....looks like something i would do!  Glad you mentioned the colors not being significant bc i would have tried to figure it out! Haha

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54 minutes ago, Cardamom77 said:

I hit it this morning! That was quick. LOL!

YEAH!!!!!   LOOK WHO MADE GOAL!!!!!!!!  Another November Knockout?!??!?!  They are an AWESome bunch!!!! ;)

awesome job, now just keep going....we’ll get to the cafe eventually but for now we still have more losing to do!

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