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Happy hour



Well my org had a happy hour event. I drank half a Kentucky mule and ate a wing with the skin taken off and the cheese off some cheese fries. It was tough, honestly. Those social situations where there’s communal food and an expectation to drink are weird and difficult. I did have a nice time though. My coworkers and bosses are goofballs. 

Last night I went to a launch party at my weight loss clinic where they were introducing the new minimally invasive cosmetic procedures they are starting to offer. I ended up winning a $250 gift certificate that they let me use as a deposit for future work. If we put down a deposit last night, we get 20% off if we book something within the year. At the very least, I can have some laser hair removal done. Ha! But I’m going in for a consult on my arms, thighs, and neck. We’ll see what they say. It might be worth saving up for. 



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Social drinks and good are hard. Sometimes I take the hard line stance and have nothing; other time I try to fit in more by having a big of something. It’s easier for me to just say no! Just a small reasonable amount of stuff is what I’m working on, but it’s work.

Keep is posted on what you decide with cosmetics. I teeter between no way and maybe.

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Yeah, the stuff that the clinic is doing is actually pretty tempting for a couple of reasons. First off, it's way less expensive than traditional plastic surgery. Second, it's minimally invasive and doesn't leave big scars. Third - I really like how natural the results look. Like if I had my arms done, they would still look like soft natural arms, just not with the big bowed skin flaps. Same with the neck - it wouldn't look like I'd had plastics, it would just look like things had tightened up a bit. I don't think there's much hope for my abdomen with this minimally invasive stuff, though. Way too much tissue. I'd probably have to get a panniculectomy to take care of that. And that's ok. I'm going to try to get insurance to cover it, as I'm having some skin degradation. 

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