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Busy busy busy.....



I have not been on here in a while - my apologies! I took on a new project at work and I'm spending a lot of time working with people experiencing chronic homelessness, so when I'm not working I'm drained from work and can barely think. If I'm honest, my self care looks a lot like binge watching Supernatural and ignoring the real world. I see enough of the real world these days. 

A couple of weight loss updates: 

I have lost more than 100 lbs! I've lost a total of 103 so far. Things have slowed, but the chart still trends down so I'm not worried. To be honest, I would be ok if I didn't lose another pound. I mean that. But I'm eating what I need to eat and still losing, so that's fine too. 

I have some clothes that are a size 12 now. They FIT ME. That means I no longer *have* to shop the plus sizes. That is so weird to me. It's been at least 20 years since I've been in a size 12. 

I have made my peace with carbs. I eat them now. I make sure they're not crappy ones. I still don't do sugar or white bread or rice or pasta - and really have no desire to. However, I don't sweat my bits of fruit and whole wheat crackers with cheese and the occasional bit of potato. I was really freaking out about it, but I haven't had any issues losing weight as long as I keep the carbs at a reasonable level, so I'm focusing on building some sustainable, healthy habits there. 

Also -  HOLY MOLY do people flirt with me now! I can't turn around without someone striking up a conversation and asking if I'm married (I am - but my rings are too loose so I don't wear them on the right fingers) or offering to carry stuff for me or telling me they like my hair, dress, whatever. I haven't had any creepers creepin', so it's not been unpleasant. It's kinda nice to feel like I "still have it." Ha! :)


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Sounds like things are going well for you! Glad you found a happy balance for your carbs, and way to go on the 100+ pounds! You sound very happy with where you are in life right now, great to see that all your hard work has paid off :)

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Congrats on your -100 pounds!!!! :D That's an amazing milestone! For me, that's also when I felt like I would be OK if I never lost another pound - I ended up losing more, but would have been happy anywhere after that point. I'm glad you're feeling comfortable with yourself now - what a wonderful feeling! Size 12 is definitely the territory of "no more plus sizes" and way more fun dressing yourself. 

Not surprised you're being flirted with - you're a lovely lady and have a very sassy look in your eye ;) 


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9 hours ago, Jen581791 said:

Not surprised you're being flirted with - you're a lovely lady and have a very sassy look in your eye ;) 


I have sassy retorts, too, though, so the flirting doesn't generally last too long. Well, unless they're into sassy retorts. LOL 

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Awesome!!! Goodbye forever 100#!!!!  You're amazing. I just started having fruit myself. I've missed it for sure. I don't have a lot but a few real berries with my yogurt and it's been delicious!  

I too have been swamped busy (if you read my blog you'll see) but I count on recharging here even if it's for a few mins at a time!  

Keep up the good.work, fellow NN!!

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