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E - L - E - V - E - N (plus)



E -xcess

L -egs

E -ntrance/Exit

V  - ictories (non-scale and scale!)

E -xcitement

N - ew home


This eleven + month update (one year surgiversary is just 4 short days away!) brings together so many changes and excitement in my life. A year ago about now, I was on the pre-surgery diet, excited and nervous about the changes this surgery would bring.  I have not been as active on this forum as I was in the beginning and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Perhaps I should make it more of a goal to post more than I do but I have never been a big one on social media, which blogging and forums fall under in my book.  I do know how helpful I found everyone's posts while I was in this pre-surgery process so for that reason, I do make sure I come back at least once per month for this update (okay, so this one is a little late...sigh).  There is great accountability in this forum and it is somewhat comforting to know that is here as a resource.  I am one of the lucky ones that did not have complications following my sleeve surgery and while I am not yet at goal, it is within my sights!

Now, on to my eleven month update....

I live a very active summer lifestyle and scuba diving is a big part of it.  One of the biggest ironies (to me at least) was that the more you weigh on land, the more lead weight you need to pile on to sink in the ocean.  Talk about the ultimate insult!  Not only did I have to schlep this bodyweight around on land, I have to add even MORE and schlep it to the bottom of the ocean!?  This time around in my scuba diving adventures, I am wearing way less lead weight (from ~26 lbs to 14 lbs) and while the excess skin does make strapping everything down an interesting challenge, entrances and exits to the water are soooo much easier.  So while this is technically a scale victory, there are some non-scale victories roped into it.  When I went to the dive shop, I needed to rent a BC (buoyancy compensator device/jacket).  The guy looked at me and gave me a medium.  A MEDIUM folks!!  Say whaaaa...?  :) And it fit!!!

1709663598_leadweight.jpg.4c148b3536b2d9834575ce1d16529ffc.jpg   1494838840_leadweight2.jpg.ddeaae4fdeb62f2a37c1173fca015d2b.jpg

My team down in Florida hasn't seen me in a year and were shocked by the changes - it always starts with the hair (I have much shorter hair than I used to), then they scan my body, exclaim on my diminished size and they all seem to think I have longer legs.  LOL  I keep telling them they can notice my height now that I am not so wide.  I also reconnected with some colleagues that I have not seen in over 10 years.  I don't know that I would have reached out, nor pursued an actual meeting, had I not had the weight loss surgery.  I would have been ashamed of how I had let myself go and the size I had attained. 


I will be returning to New Jersey with even more changes - a new home! and my entire family in the same state for at least a few days.  My family has been spread across the globe for the past 20 years as my brother lived the military life with my nieces, my parents retired and I roamed the planet in pursuit of my education and career goals.  I am closing on my very first home purchase (a lovely condo I am excited to make my own) just in time to celebrate my one year surgiversary.  Keeping to good eating habits will be important during this exciting and stressful time.  I am up for the challenge!!

Stay tuned for the one year surgery update!


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That always strikes me as ironic too....as far people we can't sink. You'd think we'd be plopped on to the bottom of the ocean floor every time we are in the water!  So interesting how our fat was an internal float, which is a good thing bc when you're mostly fat and little muscle, you don't have the stamina to keep yourself afloat so it works for us. Now that you're leaner, it's your job to keep yourself afloat when you want to! :)

Congrats on the new house. Is it still down towards the shore?  

Happy one year!!!!

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It sounds like you're doing really well, Curvy! Medium BCD, fewer dive weights, new home! Keep up your hard work and keep popping in here to let us know how you're doing :) 

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Look at that picture of you! So fit! How wonderful to have a new home and family time. Those things can really help life feel stable. What an exciting year you've had! Thanks for sharing another great update!

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Lots of great news - and it truly is an amazing feeling to finally fit into a "medium."

By the way, I strongly suggest that you remain active here at TTF - both because we all value your insightful comments and because you probably will find that staying active at TTF will help you remain focussed on successfully reaching and then maintaining at your goal weight.

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