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My 4th Month Surgiversary!!! (belated)

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Ok, so it is nearly my 5th month surgiversary but I still have my 4th month entry sitting on my computer, waiting for me to take pics of my "ribbons" and I decided to just post it and be done with it! ha!  (I will get around to the ribbons, I promise, I have just been so busy lately it is nuts).  Anyway, here is my entry from weeks ago:


My 4th month surgiversary!!!

I can’t believe it has been 4th months….wasn’t it just last month I said I can’t believe it had been 3 months?!?!?! J

I hit 50# this month!!! Whoo hoo!  I don’t feel like I am losing as fast as I was in the beginning, but I am going down still and that is good!  My clothes are still getting big but I am still wearing the same size…I am sorta inbetween, like the sizes smaller are snug but the ones I am wearing are baggy.  Hopefully it will be soon when I can just pack up these and move down to the smaller ones. 

Back when I was off for my surgery, I remember being frustrated I wasn’t being paid for my time off (from my employer) despite that I have been there for 7+ years and have only taken off for the day my grandbabies were born (which was only 2 during the school year) and the day my son had surgery….other than that, no other time off.  I also was amused (and irritated) that they don’t pay be much, they had a very hard time finding a replacement for me.  They had someone fill in for me for 3 wks then they said they won’t do it anymore because the job was too hard, so the next week they had to stick someone else in my job.  Well, I remember Burgundy Boy saying I should ask for a raise.  Turns out, they gave me a raise last month for my work which no one wants!  Well, building on my new found confidence, I did more than just ask for a raise….I had applied for new jobs.  I started applying when I was out on medical leave and one called me and asked me to come in for an interview.  So, I went in and felt pretty good about me.  Not a “I have to hide behind something” kind of a feeling, but a “I have to go get a new suit and wear it” and then “I feel GREAT in this suit, so I don’t have to worry about how I look, I can just concentrate on answering my questions and meeting the team!!!”  It was such a good feeling for me.  Whether or not I get the job, it was just so refreshing not stressing over how I looked and just concentrating on my strengths!  I won’t hear back for a few weeks as they are still doing interviews, but even if I don’t get it, it was a great experience!

My husband has continued to eat mostly proteins and fats but barely any carbs and his blood sugars have been great and he is down 15# and looks and feels great so it makes it pretty easy to cook for ourselves (the kids however are still eating regular).  I am very proud of him and it is nice to journey together.

I had him take the 4 month pics today but I didn’t see any differences.  He said he did but I was struggling w/ it but I can STILL see a huge difference from the day before surgery until today! 

I took the measure ribbons but haven’t taken a pic of them, but I will add it to this as soon as I do!


faceless 4 month.JPG

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Yay four months from another Novemberian - and we both hit that lovely 50# in our fourth month! Sounds like you are doing great - so awesome your husband is doing well also! I totally get what you mean about getting that suit and feeling more confident - its funny, because when I was this size on the way up, I hated it and still wanted to hide. But now? Hell no. Lets rock those suits, girl! Heres hoping a job comes through for you, and congrats finding the confidence to get away from that place. You're kicking butt at this!

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