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Enjoying the Journey



A fun thing happened today...I stopped at the plus-size shop that has pretty much been the only place I've been able to shop until just recently.  Nine months ago I was purchasing 5X clothes and today I bought 0X tops (not sure the point of 0X, but that's okay, closest to size 0 that I'll ever be and that's just fine :P).  I had run out of the house without a coat today and ended up putting on a coat that was in my car on the way to be donated (because it's frickin" freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth - bring on the warm weather so I can ride my new bike!).  It is a pretty blue embroidered coat from J.Jill that always made me feel like I was a little bit fashionable in my really large clothing.  

The saleswoman commented that I needed a new coat, which I've been hearing a lot lately, but I've been trying to wait until next winter.  Then a few minutes later a woman got in line behind me and commented on how pretty my coat was.  I thanked her and then thought a minute and said, "Would you like this coat?"  I told her it had been in the donation pile and that I would love for her to have it.  I took it off right there and had her try it on.  It looked great on her and made her so happy.  It made me happy as well.  It's hard to get rid of some clothing even though it's exciting to be in smaller sizes and it makes a difference if you know someone is going to enjoy it as much as you did.  Not only that, it prompted a conversation about WLS.  This woman had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and because of the experiences shared on this forum, I was able to provide information about the impact surgery has for people with that diagnosis.  

My other fun story is about a recent visit with my 8 year old niece.  We were at a restaurant for a family dinner and playing games in her notebook to pass the time.  After many rounds of tic-tac-toe and the dot/square game I asked her if she'd like to play the adjective game (once an educator, always an educator).  She agreed so we took turns writing words that described each other.  Her initial list for me (not to brag or anything) consisted of awesome, best, fantastic...I was trying to get her to think a little deeper and was writing words for her like funny, talented, sensitive.  On her next turn she thought for a minute, looked me up and down and wrote "healthy."  I can barely keep from tearing up just typing this.  So glad the right messages are coming across and that I'll be able to increasingly keep up with (and be here for) her and her sister as they grow up.  


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Thats a great tale about giving your coat away! To be able to pass on what doesn't fit and also make someone very happy - that's amazing! And the adjective game - I can only imagine how that had to feel :) You're doing great, so glad to hear an update from you!

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Two really great stories of how this process is working out for you - so positive and inspiring! :) 

Get ready for shopping in the regular stores - it's just around the corner, I bet.

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