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Last Required Monthly Visit!

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Everything went well. My doctor praised me on losing weight and maintaining over the past 6 months. All of the tests info and such are being sent for insurance approval. He said I could get a call from his PA anytime between now and 4 weeks. Each case can vary. I could get a call tomorrow or I could get one in a month. Once I'm approved, I have to take a 90 minute pre-op class, get pre-op testing done and go on a liquid diet a week before the surgery. I have to stay over night and, if things go well, I will be sent home the next day,

I feel excited, nervous, alittle overwhelmed and a bit scared all at the same time. I trust the surgeon and his staff. I guess its the fear of the unknown kicking in. I also feel impatient LOL. Tired of waiting. The end is in sight. So, that helps. I need to keep busy, though. I might start watching some episodes of my 600lbs Life.

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