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9 Months!



I am actually 3 days early to post this, as my 9 month surgiversary is 3/14/18.  I have to admit it is pretty crazy that it has already been 9 months!

Last week gave me an opportunity to obtain two photos that I want to share with you.  I really don't have many pre-surgery photos, as I was always the one yelling to delete any pic I was in, or to dodge all pics as much as I possibly could.  In the fall of 2016, they decided to put together a book for the police agency that I work at.  Sadly for me, that meant a photographer coming in and taking our pictures.  For once, I could not yell at someone to delete the pic.  When I saw this pic, I was depressed.  And it was also the pic they used on an ID card, so it was in my wallet and I had to see it.  In hindsight, I see now that this pic is what prompted me ask my PCP about weight loss surgery.  This pic was the kick in the pants that I NEEDED to do something for me.

The second pic was taken last week, after an 80# weight loss. 

I am overwhelmed by all the changes at times.  I have a hard time with sizing.  Yesterday I bought a size 8 pair of shorts at Old Navy.  SIZE 8!  I don't ever remember being in single digit sizes.  It's strange.  I hold things up in the store and think "there is no way I will fit into this," and then it fits.  I don't know if that is a body image issue, or just getting used to the new me. 

I still mentally struggle with the fact that my restriction won't let me eat larger quantities of food.  But then I remind myself that I feel great, and I can have small samples of whatever I want so I am really NOT deprived at all.  I also save the food for leftovers if it is something particularily awesome that my stomach just does not have room for at the moment. 

My foot is slowly getting better from the Plantar Fasciitis.  I am still doing 35-50 mins 5x per week of some sort of cardio, usually still stationary biking.  The weather is getting nice here now though so I plan to get back to walking.

I find myself worrying more about my husband and his weight.  He eats good when we are home, but at work/lunch time he does not lol.  I don't want to be the irritating wife, but I do want him to live a long healthier life.  His genetics are horrible for high blood pressure/heart issues.  Sometimes I feel like I must be annoying to be around, since this healthy stuff has become so important to me. 

I also wonder when people will stop saying "hey skinny!" in the hallway at work.  It is flattering to have your hard work acknowledged, but I don't want to get in a position where I need their affirmation to feel good about myself (if that makes sense).

So there you go - ramblings from TammyP, aka "Hey skinny"  <3







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Can I say it???...

Hey, skinny! :lol::lol::lol: 

You look great! You’re a beautiful lady in both pics, but I can see a new confidence in your eyes in the second pic. 

Congrats on single digits! That’s exciting. Fitting into tiny looking clothes is odd, but nice.

Best of luck with your husband. Even the best ones take years of training... 

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Wow you look so nice !!  Good job Tammy. I worry about my fiancé all the time and his eating habits so I totally get what you are saying about your husband. Thanks for the update.

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I'm just seeing this now, look fantastic and so happy! Beautiful in both pics, of course :) But there is just something about the after pic. The confidence? Sparkle? All of it :D You are doing/have done such a fantastic job!! Happy 9 months, my friend!

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Look at those cheekbones! You're doing amazing and you look so happy :D :wub: Love when people farther down the line post their experiences. 

Plantar fasciitis sucks - been there, done that, don't ever want to repeat it. Glad you're on the mend, I hope its fully in your past soon!

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