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Three months



Woof. February was hard

I'm down 9 pounds this month, which is a bitter pill because it seems so small. I started the month off pretty sick with a sinus infect and in a 10 day stall, then had 6 pounds slide off in 3 days after I felt better. Then I struggle bussed for the remainder of the month to lose the other three pounds. In total, that makes me 58 pounds down since my highest weight and 41 pounds since surgery. My BMI has dropped to 43.4 :)

I changed jobs mid-month, and went from a very sedentary desk job to one in which its not uncommon for me to get home and see that I got 11,000 steps in during the 8 hours I was at work. I was going to bed exhausted and sleeping like a rock for 8 hours, waking up exhausted, and going back for another round. I was dutifully eating my protein and my typical 700 calories, and chalked it all up to an adjustment period. Now, I'm wondering if the sudden increase in activity is not the reason I'm having trouble. (Coincidentally, the new job and the exhaustion is why I havent been as active on here). 

That all said, I am losing inches during this stall of sorts. And when that happens, I tend to see the weight slide away at some point, but this early out, I feel like 3 pounds in 3ish weeks on average is kinda miserable and I'm disappointed for not making double digits during February.

I had a small lightbulb moment this week about the exhaustion being related to too few calories for the work I'm doing, and upped my calories to 900-1,000 for a couple days. I felt considerably better at work the next days, which is a plus, but the scale still refuses to budge from 253, which is where I've been since the 26th. I went ahead and emailed my nutritionist Friday to ask for advice on the situation, but any words of wisdom from my TTFers would be greatly appreciated as well!

Other highlights this month: Im annoyingly in between sizes. Most XLs are a bit too small for comfort, but XXLs are baggy. I've joined a local "girls who hike" chapter and am looking forward to outings with them - one tomorrow, in fact! I'm not afraid of a three mile hike with strangers at this point, which is worlds away from where I was in fall :D I need to hit the gym more often for strength to do steeper hikes this spring and summer.

I'm currently mostly eating leftovers (whatever protein I made the day before), yogurt, nuts or jerky, and protein shakes. I'm struggling to drink enough water at my new job, and just trying to be more cognizant that when I have a moment to rest, I need a cup of water in my hand each time. 

Overall, I'm hoping March gets me back on board as far as seeing the pounds slip away. I know losing inches is still a sign in the right direction, but damned if those scale numbers don't give reassurance :) 


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9 pounds in a month is both great and inspirational!  Indeed, if you were to sustain that rate over a year, you would lose 108 pounds.  No one can call a 108 pound weight loss in a year anything less than a total success.

Also remember that February is an unusually short month, so you might have lost 10 pounds if February were 31 days long.  In any case, you should be very proud of your weight loss success and look forward to continued success in March, April, May, June, ..... 

I have found that drinking lots of liquids really helps weight loss (unless the liquids are wine :rolleyes:), so keep on pushing yourself to keep the liquid consumption up.

By the way, a strange thing is that once you reach your goal weight (and you will!!), you will soon forget how long it took you to get there and what a bummer the stalls were. 

We all are here to support you.

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That's so cool that you're getting so many steps in at work. I don't think upping your calories was a bad idea. I bought keto strips to make sure I remain in ketosis whenever I make any changes to my diet. That may or may not be important to you. Nine pounds lost is nothing to sneeze at! And February is short ;). I really think hitting or surpassing your fluid goal will really help that scale move. So excited to hear about your hiking outings with your new group. Great idea!

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That may be a really good idea @Gretta has. I used keto strips when I was on the Atkins diet. They truly did help me.

Still as @Res Ipsa said, you are doing very well! I would be very happy with a 9 pound loss in a 28 day diet myself. Hang in there. You know that the scale has to move eventually if you are following your plan.

BTW- We all know that stress can make us hang on to a little weight as well. I bet this month will be even better than last.

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@delilas, congrats on your 41 pounds since surgery and 58 overall! :D That's an average of about 13 pounds per month, which is great. I think my third month post-op was my slowest one, and of course I had thoughts like, "This isn't going to work! I'm finished with my honeymoon period already! It's only going to get harder from here on out!" and felt like it was the end of the world. Things actually picked up a bit after that, though, so who knows how your pattern of losses will go. Just keep marching forward, following your plan, and the weight will come off. 

I agree with Gretta that upping your calories at your new more active job sounds reasonable, particularly if you feel better for it. That's a lot of steps just walking around at work! That will be really helpful in the long run (and I hope you enjoy it). 

Good for you on the hiking group. Imagine taking off a 50 pound backpack you've been carrying for a really long time... that's essentially what you've done. It feels awesome! I just joined a hiking group, too, and it's such a great feeling every time, knowing that I can do more than what I used to be able to - and it's fun, not drudgery, to haul myself up a slope. It will just get more fun for you as time goes by and your weight drops.

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Thank you all for the reassurance, @Res Ipsa, @Gretta, @Readytobeme, @Jen581791, and @tracyringo! I do think getting my fluids back up to goal consistently is a major factor. I've been trying to tell myself Im being silly and 41 pounds isn't shabby, but sometimes you just need a little friendly shove to really realize it! Reading back through others journeys has been so helpful - so many of you have been exactly where I am, so it helps to look forward and know you still got to goal.

 I'm also starting to suffer the hair loss in the past week to week and a half, which is keeping things kinda real for me. 

Off to hike! Thank you guys again :wub:

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