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The first feeling of nerves. 1 week till VSG



Here I sit, worried.  My op is next Tuesday but I fly out on Monday alone, to face my future head on.


I've watched the vlogs, I've read the blogs I'm very ready to have this op. 



I know it's not going to be easy, I have a fear I'm going to die on the operation table, and flying home after 5 days makes me wonder if I'll even make it through the airport from gate to exit without collapsing. Maybe I'll need a lift on one of those electric trollies to beep me through,  a fat VIP!

Will my mind trip me up post op? Will my addiction fight back?


Oh dearey me,  This is a happy first blog post!

One day at a time, just one foot in front of the other. Lets try to look at this from another angle.


Ok, here's a positive.  I started my low calorie diet on Friday and have already lost 6lbs. There.  That's my positive :)

Time for tea


Bye xx


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Found a great bariatric surgeon and hospital.

I simply can't affirdd it in the UK as I'm self financing, is £3000 there compared to £9000 in UK.



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The fear of dying is common, I myself experienced it a bit. But here I am, talking to you :-)

Is someone going with you? Pack light. You will be tired post-op, but you will be able to get around. I would think the only thing you'd really need help with is lifting luggage, out of into the car, etc. 

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I too, had few, but I was more excited than anything because I was starting my new life!  So, jitters are normal but keep your eyes on the prize....the new and improved Elisa!!!  (I knew I'd lose weight, but I had no idea how much more my life would change...even in this short amount of time -- 9 wks today)

The airports in the states have someone that can push you in a wheelchair through the airport (tip a few bucks), so hopefully you'll have some sort of assistance. Why not ask your Istanbul hospital, because surely you aren't the only one that got surgery and had to fly home. 

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Oh and @Elisa, make sure you put your surgery date on the calendar here....it will help you hook up with the other newbies from January so you can follow ppl going through this right along with you!

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Best of luck! 

I traveled at 7 days out and was just fine, except for lifting things. I had help with that. Otherwise I was ok - tired, but ok. 

I have had the most amazing year since surgery. I’m glad you found a way to make it happen by going to Istanbul.

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