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Week three



Sheesh. Week three ended yesterday. It's funny, I sometimes feel a bit surreal. Like nothing's changed, I totally didn't have major surgery. I feel like I'm eating all the time, which was, you know...my norm before, too. Nevermind that "eating all the time" amounts to 400-600 calories instead of a couple thousand, and that the time I ate 2.3 ounces of food instead of 2 ounces, I thought I was going to blow cookies - I just have a constant feeling since the pain has finally stopped, that I'm just chilling at home these weeks for a staycation and that life is as usual.
Of course, it's not. Every day is something of an adventure when it comes to food. I learned the hard way about chewing my food into mush this week (and similarly, about not letting myself get too hungry). The better I feel physically, the more I fight head hunger. 
I've been trying out different foods. It seems every few days my taste buds flip around again. I ate the hell out of cottage cheese week one, so made sure when I went to the store this week to get more, and suddenly I can't stand it. :D For the majority of the first 3 weeks, I needed liquids room temp, and suddenly I need them ice cold. 
I went to a Hannukah party on Saturday. We figured a party would have soft things like dips and stuff I could eat, but it ended up being mostly a deli platter. Technically I was supposed to stay on purees because of the pain, but the pain had been gone a few days, so I tried out an ounce or so of deli turkey and a slice of cheese. It sat really well, and I felt very satisfied for the next couple hours. I checked in with my nutritionist Monday, and they cautioned me to take it easy but gave me the green light for soft foods. 
I've been eating out of ramekins, occasionally with toddler flatware. The toddler flatware hasnt actually helped me as far as smaller bites, etc - but its blue and has unicorns on it, so naturally its become my favorite spoon and fork in the whole place :D 
Some days my activity is on par. Some days I crochet all day and take two naps. Overall, my energy is stable and I think I'll be okay to go back to work (Im not cleared until I see the surgeon again January 3rd). 
I weighed in Saturday and had finally dropped a few ounces. It'll be interesting to see what it is this Saturday.
I'm trying to start planning on what to take to work to get through the day, although planning Christmas Eve dinner for 12 is the bigger "to-do" on my list. Also, my birthday is New Years Day, so this will be interesting! Normally, we go to my brothers on NYE, drink, and play cards. Drinking is definitely out this year, and my brother is stationed in Kentucky currently and likely won't be home for NYE, so this year will definitely be different.
I'm also going to hit the ground hard to find a new job once I'm back to work. I found out last week that my boss is leaving us, and between that and my new coworker (who gives a horrible name to being a nurse), there's no way in hell I'm staying. 
On to week 4! I'm very likely to not be around much, as the next few days mean a lot of list making, a lot of cleaning, a few holiday parties, and a lot of cooking and baking. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you :) :wub:


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Sounds like it’s going pretty well for you! :) I’m happy to hear that you were able to eat some food at the party. That should make life easier going forward - deli meat and cheese is a great snack, very convenient and filling.

Best of luck in both your event planning and on the job front. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, too.

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You truly are doing great, delilas. Thank you so much for being one of the people that post your journey. It is so inspirational for those of us that will follow :)

Happy Holidays to you as well.

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Sounds like you're doing really well.  I am finding things/holidays different too, but not in a bad way, they are just different and I am trying to start different traditions and stuff.  

Also, I am applying for new jobs too....I feel differently after my surgery.  I love my job but the pay is crap and I get no PTO, so I had to eat the 5 wks off.  I got state temp disability but that is only bc our state is one of the few that requires by law the employers pay into it (technically it is taken out of our pay but they pay the state).  I just got approved for my temp disability but haven't seen a penny of it.  When I had a job that had private short/long term disability, I was paid immediately when i was off (when I had my daughter).  I also won't get paid for Christmas week being off (I used to get paid when I was salaried through the board of ed, but now I am paid a daily rate, only the days I am there).  I feel more confident now that I am not the "fat girl" who has to be a wallflower, so I am going to go for it!

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