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My vomiting hasn't ceased, both effortless/involuntary rumination and episodes so violent I nearly pass out. Eating is a painful chore.  I've been taken back to a liquid diet and am scheduled for an EGD on Monday.  I'm no longer afraid of tube feeding. At this point I may welcome it. Just holding out hope for things to get easier. After years of complications, I'm a little disappointed this surgery hasn't alleviated my symptoms. At least I've lost 25 pounds since. That's something to hold on to.



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Wow. I just caught up on reading about your journey. I am so very sorry for all that you have endured. I truly am. I could not imagine going through all of this alone. I wonder if your insurance may cover some type of home health care for you? Maybe getting some help just a few days a week would be helpful for you.

Not really sure what to say beyond that. My heart just goes out to you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers to get some relief soon. I have not yet had my surgery and stories like yours are very scary indeed. Something to think about for sure.

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