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2 weeks post-op!!!! I made it to PUREED foods!




So today is my 14 day post op...I made it to 2 wks....which means 4 weeks total of my liquid diet and just proving it to me was a great feeling.  I know we are all on different paths and have different doctors and NUTs and stuff.  And some of you have been able to have soft foods prior to 2 wks post op, so I know I COULD have had foods sooner and survived, but I needed to follow my plan for the fact I need to prove to myself that I CAN do it and CAN follow my "rules"....and I DID :) So since 10/23 I haven't had food and now i have earned it!!!

Today I got to eat.  I was so looking forward to it, I posted here about it, I bought a bunch of foods I can have and then I waited to decide the big meal! I ended up since it was breakfast, I had scrambled eggs...I added a little cottage cheese and soy milk and used the hand blender so it was thoroughly enough.  Then I cooked it, salted and peppered it and was nearly drooling.  Then I sat down, and it looked kind of silly in my 4 oz container, so I decided to put in on a small plate and used my small fork.  I said my prayers and asked that this would go down and stay down and be ok.  Then I took my first, very bland, very disappointing bite!  I expected fireworks I guess! I looked for salsa and didn't find it, so i tried a little hot sauce (which I am not even a fan of) then I sprayed it w/ butter spray,  In the end, I ate about 2/3 of it but then figured why finish it because I didn't really like it.  The I decided to have a protein shake an hour later and move on, looking forward to lunch.

For lunch I had refried beans and a little bit of ricotta and salsa.  It was really thick and felt "heavy" and i didn't want to push it.  So, I waited.  Then later I added water to it and stirred and stirred....and it thinned out and then I reheated it and put fresh salsa on the top and it was delicious!  I still took my time eating it....over an hour since I was watching a show w/ my husband (we usually sit at the table but I couldn't wait for all that time to just milk this small meal).  Overall it was fine.  I remember hearing people here having the beans and I always thought it sounded too heavy...and it felt that way today but adding lots of water made it so much better and I did enjoy it.  

In a few moments I am going to go make a can of soup so that I can get the protein shake in before bed too.  I am just slow and taking my time w/ this whole food thing.

Other than food, which I really had as a focus today (haha!)....I was feeling more like me today.  I actually got up and cleaned the downstairs w/ my husband today which felt great to have that kind of energy (I didn't run the vacuum but i did the rest of the stuff...he mopped all the floors and vacuumed the 2 rugs).  I had a candle burning and it was delightful to get the house back to where it had been post surgery.  I packed away my stuff from the living room (like my breathing thing to make sure I don't get pneumonia, my cpap,  my pillow, my many meds (they are in the kitchen cabinet now), my paperwork of when I have eaten etc) so it stopped looking like a hospital and more like a living room again! 

Also I had a friend came over from my church today and brought me roses and we sat and talked for 2 hours which was refreshing.  

As the day wraps up, I am worn out but I did have a great day! (which isn't what I could say last Monday when I was only 1 wk out, I was still shocked that I wasn't better sooner, but today I feel like I got this, I am not as uncomfortable and I am stronger!)  Yea me! :)

addendum:  I had the soup....cream of mushroom, used extra milk in it and used the hand blender and mixed it up.  It wasn't delicious.  It was bland again....but since soup is already high is sodium I didn't want to add salt or something.  In the end, i drank it bc it was warm and yet I am not excited about it.  (I think it might be that they were out of almond milk so i got  organic soy milk and it is sweet and almost vanilla tasting though it doesn't say that (my almond milk will say unsweetened or vanilla or chocolate etc)....so I've never had the organic soy milk but maybe it is too sweet..i just don't know.  Next time I have to mix milk it, I will use almond





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Congrats on your eating, and yes, it will get better!

Check the soy milk for sweeteners - if it tastes at all sweet or vanilla-y it may be sweetened. The unsweetened stuff tastes like the devil - but at least has no sugar.

Glad you're feeling more normal - the first two weeks are definitely the hard ones.

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