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Away We Go!

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I've been in planning mode ever since I got my pre-op date last week!

I've got lists on lists on lists! Shopping for the liver shrink, a few basic staples for the post op diet as well, what to take to the hospital, meals to cook and freeze for the husband, paperwork to complete, chores I want done prior. I am always happiest when I have things to check off, and man, did this give me those organizational feels :D 
So today, I finally met my surgeon. There are two at OSU, and I have previously met one of them, as she is the one who did my EGD. I really liked her, but she has less availability overall because she does a lot of general surgery as well as bariatric surgery, and she was also taking two weeks off in November, so they scheduled me with Dr. Needleman. I feel very comfortable with him after today, and he was very thorough and took his time with me. We signed consents today. I also signed consent for the research study I am a part of to have the surgeon take a few biopsies while they're in there. 
I then went on to meet with the dietician. They'd already sent me the stuff for the liver shrink diet, but we met to go over it. Ours consists of 3-4 protein/meal replacement shakes a day and either 6 ounces of chicken + non-starchy vegetables, or a frozen entree from a pre-approved list. I still haven't found a ready-made protein shake that isn't sickeningly sweet to me - I have so many just hanging out in my fridge! I do find them a bit more tolerable if I can dilute them, but I did discuss with them I do have protein drinks I dont mind - syntrax, namely - but they arent "meal replacement". He suggested doing half and half - half meal replacement and half protein drinks.  
After the dietician, I went on to meet with Suzy, the surgeon's assistant, who confirmed my surgery date of the 29th (!!!!!) and loaded me up with all the instructions. They also give you an incentive spirometer ahead of time, and two gatorade-like drinks. I have to drink one the day before, and one 4 hours prior to surgery. After I got back to work, I gave my boss the news (although as far as work knows, this is hernia surgery. I have several outspoken coworkers who are against WLS and I don't have the nerve to deal with them while going through everything). 
My liver shrink officially begins the 15th, although I am currently drinking a normal protein drink (syntrax nectar) once a day currently rather than snacking. They actually said they're fine with me partaking in Thanksgiving, just to stay away from starches and stick with meat and veggies, which is fine by me. 
I've been continuing the hiking every weekend. I pushed through two weekends ago and went to a really well known state park about 90 minutes away on a 34 degree drizzly morning. Most of the trails near me are pretty well maintained, but many of the trails here were nothing more than mud slicks and rocks - which is sometimes a lot of fun!
My calves were murder for the rest of the week, but these three views alone were worth it, albeit I need to go back on a sunny day :D A waterfall, a cave, and a beautiful big lake in a valley. 
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2 hours ago, BurgundyBoy said:

You sound so very well prepared. Congrats on moving ahead!

Gorgeous photos. Ohio? So beautiful!

Ohio indeed! Hocking Hills/Old Man's Cave was the jaunt :D Im super thankful to live in an area with a ton of metro parks with lots of trails. they're developing an old quarry into our 20th park this year too, I aim to be fit enough to tackle it!

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Gorgeous photos! The fall colors are great and I love that you have got metro parks in your location. 

I'm glad you hit it off with your surgeon - that should make you feel more relaxed about the big day. 

You're getting so close now! :) 20 days by my count!

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Looks like a beautiful place, @delilas!  Glad you didn't wait until you're smaller to be ready to hike!  It will be easier next fall as ppl will be trying to catch up to you! 

Love the planning (and checklists....I love checking lists off!!!)

i bought my pjs for the hospital with buttons down the front and a pocket for my monitor, but never got them out of my bag....never wore a monitor and couldn't get the shirt over all my iv tubes on both arms. 

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