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Two steps forward...



... one step into the bathroom... ;)  Beware, vomiting story below!

After the successful potluck night, I've had a bad couple of days.  Sunday night I tried something from stage 3 of my program, listed as a viable option "on the go" - I ordered a small chili from Wendy's for my dinner, since we'd been out shopping our socks off all day.  When I got home, I took three, maybe four small spoonfuls ... and regretted it almost instantly.  My stomach felt terrible, like - genuinely really terrible.  I tried to sit with it for about half an hour to see if it would pass, then tried to throw up.  But, I didn't manage to get all of it out... took another hour and another trip to the bathroom for that.  After throwing up I felt a lot better, tried to get some water into me and then some liquid tylenol, and went to bed.

Monday I woke up and felt much better, so I started with an old favorite - two chicken meatballs!  I've successfully eaten these several times, but yesterday was not one of those times.  I had the exact same reaction as I did to the chili, only it lasted most of the day because I wasn't able to throw them up very easily.  Two trips to the bathroom later, my stomach muscles were sore, and my pouch was empty, but it still felt terrible.  I had Leah pick me up some sugar free popsicles on her way home from work, and one of them was dinner.  I did feel like it calmed my stomach a little.  I was able to drink some water before bed, but in all, Monday was a wash for both protein and fluids.

Today I'm feeling better, but being super careful.  I've retreated back to stage 2 for the day - greek yogurt, popsicles, super soft cheese.  So far so good!  

Mainly I'm posting this to keep an accurate record - showing that this journey is all about hills and valleys when you start out.  The weight loss is awesome, but so far, eating is always an adventure!

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Retreat! Go back to food that makes your pouch happy! Good thinking on that - it's never defeat to go back to earlier food stages. It's learning to listen to your body.

Sorry to hear about the vomiting - that's never fun. Who knows what caused it (pouch mood, likely), but there will be a next time to try chili again.

Also, let me take a moment to remind anyone and everyone reading this who hasn't read my 2000 posts about papaya enzymes that they're a good go-to when the pouch is unhappy for whatever reason. I swear I have no financial ties to Big Papaya. I am a skeptic by nature and assumed papaya enzymes would be akin to aligning my chakras or letting my crystals recharge on a sunny day, but much to my chagrin, they do seem to work.

*1950s TV announcer voice* Papaya enzymes, get some today!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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