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Day 31 - Psych follow-up



So today was weird - this is the one issue I have with my program.  They keep making follow-up appointments for me, and nowhere in the appointment notice does it mention it's a GROUP appointment.  So I went in today all ready to see the psych individually, and there were five other people there.  Wheeeeeee.  

I mean, I would have gone anyway - I just would have been mentally prepared for group speaking.  Instead I was probably giving off all bristle-vibes.

Anyway!  It was still pretty interesting.  There was one guy there who believed in his heart he knew how to do post-op better than anyone else.  He was full of sort of vague platitudes about inner strength and whatnot and WOULD NOT BE QUIET.  Then, there was a nice woman who looked like she had surgery a year ago - totally normal weight - who actually had it about two months ago.

In fact, everyone there was about two months out from surgery, except for me - and everyone there was a sleever, except for me!

Almost everyone there talked about how much they can eat - they can all down about three to four ounces of solid food at a time now?  Me, not so much.  I can eat one ounce of something solid, or two, MAYBE three ounces of something soft.  And some of them are getting hungry already.  I'm still not ever hungry.

One thing that shocked me was all the normal food people were talking about eating.  Maybe it's because I'm a month behind all of them, but even so... there were choices I don't think I'll be making for a while.  People were talking about eating pizza, or canned soup, just as a matter of course.  The woman who looked like she'd never even NEEDED surgery said she got really mad at her coworkers last week and on the way home she ate an entire glazed donut.  

I was just like - BUH?  You are TWO MONTHS out from surgery!!  First, there is no way in the world I could actually eat an entire donut at this point - maybe a donut hole?  But - WHY WOULD YOU?  I mean - I get being angry, and I was totally an emotional eater before surgery.  But even I have the discipline to hold off longer than two months before succumbing to donuts, I think.

Don't get me wrong - I know eventually we're supposed to be able to enjoy a little bit of whatever we want - in moderation, and after our protein. And I can forsee a day when I screw up and eat something totally off plan, in a disordered way.   But that day I think would need to be far in the future, when I have more distance from all the changes and all the learning I'm going through right now.  So - to just go out and deliberately self-sabotage NOW, when all the instructions and warnings and appointments must be totally fresh in her mind...??? I don't know, I guess I was just really surprised.  

The biggest positive I got out of the meeting was when the doc passed around bags of calcium chewables - different from the ones I've tried so far.  These were Bariatric Advantage, and they were pretty good.  I think I'll order those next, because I'm not too keen on Celebrate.

And that's it for today!  Just to wrap up - I hit my protein goals, hit my water goal, did 45 minutes of outside walking with Leah and the dog, and now I'm off to bed. 

Oh, and I broke out of the 280's - 279 today!



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I would not be happy going to any Dr. appointment that I was under the impression was a one on one and turns out to be a group thing. That being said I was required to go to group once before surgery, and I go every month and plan on continuing to go every month after surgery.

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@Kio Good topic to post on!

One advantage of group meetings - my surgical team has different themed ones every week - is that you can see how successful people have handled all their challenges, and how unsuccessful people have not. I find the group meetings at their practice quite helpful as they get me out of whatever mental rut I have been in. Plus, like posting and interacting here, it tends to keep you on the straight and narrow about your own Path. Harder to tell yourself illusory stories when you go to group sessions and are truthful here!

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I completely identify with you in every aspect of this post. We have monthly support group meetings at my hospital and 90% of the patients are sleevers. I had RNY. I also get completely dumbfounded by people who have undergone a serious surgical procedure and make little effort to change their bad eating habits, like your donut lady and the pizza people. All I can do when I see and hear stuff like this is just to take big deep breath, a big sip of water, and be thankful that it's not me making these poor choices.

Good job on keeping yourself in check, sticking to your goals and focusing on what's important. Let the annoying people in that group be an example of what NOT to do while you continue rocking!

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Do you have to pay o pay a copay for these meetings?  Just curious. I wouldn't mind going to groups for free, but would be annoyed if I was paying for an office visit and got a session instead. The groups are beneficial to have comparisons and support and even some "I'd NEVER do THAT! Moments" like you had. (That is what interested me about weight watchers). Btw, "Miss Didn't Look Like She Needed Surgery" is GOING to need surgery if she is shoving whole glazed donuts down her throat two months out! Yikes!!!

personally it think TT is a great physiologist for you!!!  You're doing great here!!!

oh and congrats on the 270s!!!!  

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