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This is actually happening. I'm in shock! In a good way, though...just a little overwhelmed. There is alot to take in and alot to do. But, it will be worth it!  I'm going to try to add as much detail as possible for others who are new to WLS and come across this blog.

The staff at Dr.Shin's office are very nice, educated and professional. Some of them have had WLS. So, their education is based on personal experience. There was a bit of waiting time but that was to be expected. Especially for a new patient.  I was asked for the typical info, name, address, insurance card, and such. Had to sign a few papers. Waited a bit more. Then, I was taken into a triage type of room. My height, weight, blood pressure and pulse were taken. Afterwards, we went to another room. The nurse asked for my medical history and my parents medical history. I forgot to bring a list of my meds. I had to recite them from memory. Which some were forgotten. When I return next month, I have to bring a list.

After a short while, I met Dr. Shin. Very nice man! He explained everything in great detail and encouraged us to ask any questions we had. His staff was the same way. I can call them any time (meaning normal hours) with questions and/or wait & write them down for the next visit.

After some discussion, he said I am a good candidate for the sleeve. Which is awesome! That is what I was hoping for.  I was given a folder full of info about the program, rules, a living will, medical power of attorney, and just some tips regarding the path. My next visit is in November. I am scheduled to see the nutritionist. A goal weight was not mentioned at the moment. The nurse suggested I use the first month to make gradual changes like tapering off caffeine, introduce myself to less carbonated drinks, and things of that nature. She said doing too much at once can shock your system but at the same time you do need to start making changes. This is a major lifestyle change that has to be gradually introduced. So, there is no time like the present. Over the summer, I started cutting back on caffeine and pop. So, those changes hopefully won't be that bad.

Between my next couple of visits, I have to get blood work done. I also have to get my heart checked out and do a breathing test. Tomorrow, I am scheduling those tests. At some point, I will have to take a mental exam.  Once all of that is done, and I complete 6 monthly nutritionist visits, we will be ready to submit everything to insurance. If all goes well, surgery is in April!! Wow! This is really happening!! 



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Yay for your consult, and yay for meticulous blogging!  I'm doing the same for my RNY so it will be really interesting (and great for the forums!) to have a detailed description of the sleeve process.  :) 

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