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Day 4 - slight relief



I endured 6 days of a gurgling gut and stabbing gas pains before that magical chalky miracle milk of magnesia finally relieved me of my intestinal torture. 10/10 would recommend post surgery.

I've been careful to follow my new medication plan hoping we'll prevent spasms like I had yesterday from returning - at least in the early stages of recovery. Staying hydrated is so touch and go by default (and frankly, I'm struggling to stay on top of it), but if the spasms return I consequently will have to also return to the hospital for IV hydration. Though I felt slight pangs today, I was spared the jack hammer level of severity they otherwise typically progress into.

I've continued taking my prescribed pain medication, but even when waking (and thus not having had any pain management through the night), the pain barely registers. I'm still slow in movement but I can manage normal grooming/household/etc activities without physical limitation. 

I'm gobsmacked at how much better I feel after this surgery compared to my prior WLS. The experience literally is night and day.

Now I'm waiting for the day when the scale starts to slide back and my body begins to shrink. It will be amazing.


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