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Documenting my weight loss journey and everything related

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Checklist... and venting

All I have left to complete of my checklist is my lab work, 2nd support group (which is in 2 weeks) meeting, the exercise consult (which is on Feb 4) and My gastro evaluation for the upper GI (consult is on feb 3). I'm so close, yet I already feel like giving up.... I haven't been able to make the changes I wanted to, mainly because of stress. A part of me just wants to cancel everything, but I have come so far. Emotionally, I'm a wreck, I can't get the hang of chewing my food so slowly about 25

1st Meeting with Surgeon

I had my meeting with the surgeon last Thursday; it went well. I am even more excited now. I have a list of things to do, such as lab work, schedule EKG, meeting with exercise specialist, psych eval, pulse oximetry, gastro eval, sit in on a support group meeting and meet with my pcp. So it's a lot yes, but I feel like by the time I have it all done, I will have enough PTO from work so I won't miss out on any pay. My doctor is amazing! He doesn't have a problem with me missing only 1 week of wor


HeatherinChicago in thoughts

Two Week Countdown

I meet with my surgeon 2 weeks from tomorrow and I am super excited. I have been researching this for awhile now and I have a list of questions to ask him. Hopefully in doing this, my mother in law will also see that I'm serious about this and will relax a little bit. I know she is just nervous and apprehensive but not everyone is the same. I need to get back into drinking my water, I've slacked a few days.  But, I will get it. Hopefully I will be able to start going to the gym next month, when


HeatherinChicago in thoughts

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