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I am now 7 months post VSG. Since the last three weeks at least I have been in a plateau. I reached 63.8 kg and have then hovered around 64-64.5. I started moving more and signed up to an exercise class once a week. Have been reducing carbs in vegetables and I'm not having any fruits at all, but nothing. I am hungrier though, so eating more frequently.

I wonder if this is the weight that my body wants to stay at. It's frustrating because I m so close to my goal weight..... just a couple more kg and I will be there. I am also a bit scared that I will start gaining if I am not careful, which should not be the case so early after surgery I think. Other than that, I feel very well, with the chronic hemorrhoids which I think will stay forever, but which are manageable so far. I surprise myself when sometimes I look in the mirror (passing by) and like what I see :

I need to be more strict about waiting enough time after eating to have a drink, as lately, I have been drinking Crystal Light 10 minutes after eating solids which is not ideal. But I get very thirsty after eating for some reason, and waiting so long for a drink is a struggle.

All in all, I am very pleased that I had this life changing surgery. I have plans to go skiing in 6 months and I hope that I can be in shape and fit by then!

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