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About this blog

Everybody's weight loss surgery journey is unique to them and them only.
This blog is about my journey, I would be so humbled if you choose to read my blog.
Follow along my path of a few failures and hopefully in the end, my success

Entries in this blog


I am reporting to the hospital tomorrow at 5:30am central time for my surgery that starts at 8am. Its been an interesting journey so far & I know that journey is only going to get more intense in the next 17 hours. I first saw the dietitian August 15, 2016, weighing in at 397lbs. Before I started my two week (2/21/2017) liquid diet, I was 355lbs. and now today, I am now 335lbs (62 lbs. lighter since August). That is a far cry (91Lbs. difference) from my highest recorded weight of September 2014. 
I want to say a big thank you to all the admins & those who have given me so much support and advice on here. Onto the next step of this journey,,,,,

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