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About this blog

Just another Blog from someone who has had a Gastric Bypass. 
So i can write down my ups and downs. 
I'm a male, 6 foot, and 26 years old.

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I don't know why. But i have always had problems with stalls. 
I was never built a thin person. I have always had a little extra on the sides. That followed me through my chilhood, and up to my teens, where i did something about it. 

I started taking Ephedra and Coffein, plus i joined i Gym. Then it started to go quick. 
I was nearly down on my ideal weight with no stalls really. But as soon as i stopped with the pills, i regained. 
I continued taking them as long as i could. But then i could not more. My head would not allow it. I began to experience anxiety and stress. 
After that i was put on a SSRI. And i really began to gain weight. I stopped with them, but i could never loose weight as i could before. 
Maybe i just got older, and my metabolism changed. I don't know. 

But in five years, with many attempts. I have tried to loose weight, and get under 118 kg's. But never succeeded. There is something that is stopping it there. It's like i hit a brick wall every time.
No matter what i eat, no matter how many months. It just doesn't matter. 

But now i have had the surgery, and i'm almost down there. And i'm stalling again. I have stalled for over a week. Almost two now. 

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