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Hi!  Next week I will be having the sleeve surgery.  I have been debating with myself on whether or not to keep before pictures of myself.  I honestly don't want to remember or see how big I really am.  However, looking at all the before and after pics of people, it is amazing the transformation that people have gone through and achieved.  Does anyone have thoughts about this? 

As for body measurements, I know my weight but don't really care for the rest.  Should I take measurements too?

As for my clothing, I am throwing out anything that no longer fits me as I lose weight.  It seems if I keep it, I end up back in them again.  I am ending this yo-yo cycle on October 17th.  I think I am just stressing about everything right now. 


HI!  I have been getting ready for the sleeve surgery, October 17th.  It used to seem so far away and now its next week.  I am having ups and downs about the surgery.  Basically, should I do it and is it truly the answer for me.  I have my family and friends support but some with reserve.  Some still think that I should just stick to a diet.  Well if I could diet long term I would not be going to a surgeon for help. 

I believe I am just thinking to much today about it.  I went to my aunt and uncle's house for a turkey dinner which hit the spot.  I called it my early Thanksgiving meal minus all the additional items that we have on that day.  I am completely full and I can't stand the feel, uncomfortable really. 



HI!  I have been on this site since the Spring 2016.  I found this site by accident and glad I did find it.  All the blogs and responses have been a huge help in my surgery journey.  I could honestly say that I did not ever consider this for me until this year.  I am getting older and still struggling with my weight.  I am done struggling and hopefully this is the resolution that I have looking for most of my life.  The never ending yo-yo but I am cutting the yo-yo string on October 19, 2016 that is when my sleeve will be performed.  I am more excited and less nervous at this point.    Chances are that will change on the 19th.  I have a few doubting Thomas's but mostly positive people supporting my decision.  I have decided that I am not buying any clothes until everything is falling off.  I have all different sizes in my closet which I will once again put them on.  I cant wait for that moment when I put whatever on and its not a struggle or depressing.    Thank for reading my thought.  Any advice or whatever would be appreciated. 




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