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About this blog

A newbie here since 6th July 2016, I had a sleeve op in the Czech Republic in 2014, which didn't work at all, in fact my weight increased!. Two years later down the line, I have just had an operation to sort out the mess that the Czech Rep. surgeon had made and also to do a full bypass at the same time (1st July 2016).  Hopefully, thi will be my blog to match my hopes and dreams of starting out on a new life post-op! :)

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Oh dear!

So, first blog entry and it's a unpleasant one! lol!.... I did something stupid and had to send an email to my senior support nurse for support......well, the experience has taught me to not have anything outside 'my plan' I have created! the liquids are not rich on that!

Despite my senior support nurse being away on holiday, she still logged on and answered saying that I would be ok and not to worry....she said that there will be some things that I just can't eat, but that in a few months if you try them again (if you want to) then they may be ok that time! ....weird!  Just shows you how fragile you can be sometimes inside without knowing it! I certainly found out the hard way! Have absolutely no problems following the experience and feel absolutely fine! :-)



This is the panicky email I wrote the following email yesterday to my senior nurse!:

Sorry to disturb you, but, I have just been violently sick, threw up twice, in short succession; everything I had to eat came back up and then as there was no more it just stopped, and now feel as right as rain!  I am worried though, in case I have actually damaged any stiches or staples or something?  It seemed like my whole body went into spasm, and severe pain all over, and it was the worst I have ever felt while being sick, and a very frightening feeling.
I can only assume that it was down to what I had just had.....I had drunk quite a large glass of milk, and not by sipping it either, which I know I should have done, I just didn't think.....then, as I was thinking of going to get some Bouillon for lunch, my house share mate said he had some really tasty gravy leftover from his cooking for his lunch, and said why didn't I have it...well, I did, and it was lovely, but very spicy and very rich....I guess it was too rich for me, coupled with the glass of whole milk I had (which was also his as I had run out of my skimmed and haven't been to the shops yet), I guess my body just expelled it. 
What should I do? If anything? (apart from not doing that again).  Will I be ok?


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