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About this blog

I went through the program back in 2007, and my insurance decided to not cover it anymore. So, I had to stop the program after almost completing it.

I am now, going for my first consult with the surgeon for Ru N Y, 11/23, I attended my first support group last week; that was great, lots of good info and experiences, the program I'm in requires 4 nutrition appointments, psych eval and a second meet with the surgeon.  Two surgeons do the surgery, two sets of eyes are better than one, they say.

I have been doing all my research again, and talking to people who I know I have had it done. I enjoy all the experiences and shared info. Although, I am afraid that, I'll get through it and something will come up.  I have no medical issues other than being over weight, so I'm hoping I can still get approved with no medical problems.

Anyone, have experience on being approved with no medical issues?

Entries in this blog

Food Journal...blahhhh

I know I shouldn't be complaining, it's not really that bad, but remembering to do it is.   Having to do a calorie count is not easy either.  I try to plan my meals better now, so I can write everything down in the morning, then if I have to add anything I can. How do you all do it??



first nurtrition appointment

Today, I saw the nutritionist for the first time today.  It was pretty laid back, I only need to see her four times.  I have lots of homework though. A food journal, I have to make a 1 day menu of post op clear liquids, she wants me to get two books, sit and try to take 20 minutes to eat a meal, walk every day. My psych eval is next week. I had to fill out 3 pages of questions. Hope it is all ok.  



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