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WHOA!!!! Orientation today......first apt. with surgeon tomorrow.

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As I mentioned I attended WLS orientation yesterday. They scheduled my first surgeon apt. for today. Thankfully I have some amazing coworkers & boss that was absolutely supportive about a last minute schedule change. My guys (I'm the only female in my office) made sure that I was covered to make it to my apt. My hubby was not able to make such a sudden change to his schedule so he could not take me (which kinda freaked me out) but I was fine.

I met my surgeon on and he said that after reviewing my chart I looked like a good candidate for surgery. He asked me which surgery I was interested in and I told him that after a lot of research, I think the Sleeve Gastrectomy was the best option for me. I explained that for some reason I could not wrap my mind around him disrupting my natural digestive system but would be comfortable with him removing approx. 80% of my stomach. I'm not real sure what that head trip is all about but he agreed that the Sleeve Gastrectomy was what he would have suggested for me anyway. His reasoning primarily was due to me being a new non-smoker (just quit 3/09/2013) that if I were to "relapse", the RNY could be fatal.

The appointment was very quick (he didn't make me feel rushed or unimportant) which I appreciated. He scheduled an apt. with the psychologist for next Wednesday and told me he would like to see me lose 10 lbs. 10 POUNDS! I was thrilled. Whew! I got this! At this rate I could be having surgery by July.

I have the best support that anyone could ask for. My dad was a lil freaked out when I told him about my decision to have surgery and I haven't told him of all that has transpired in the past 2 days. I plan on telling him all about it tomorrow. Its not that he is not supportive, just over-protective. My daughter (12 years old) is more worried than I expected but I just keep reassuring her that this is a positive life change. I am completely open & honest with her so she so she can be fully mentally prepared come surgery day. Has anyone else experienced anxiety in their children? I would love to hear some suggestions and how to prepare my daughter for this.


WOW! This seems to be moving much faster then I expected. I was referred by my PCP on May 8, Weight Lose Surgery workshop on May 16, Orientation on May 30, and they scheduled me for my first apt. with my surgeon for tomorrow, May 31. I was 98% sure that I wanted to have the Sleeve Gastrectomy before my orientation (I had done A LOT of research) but today confirmed that I am ready to do this.

I am so thankful that I found this forum. I have been able to read blogs that answered so many of my questions. I even found one yesterday that was talking about the people in the bariatric unit that I will be having my surgery in. Boy, do I know what they were talking about now. :D

Thanks again for all the help & support!!

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