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Today 5 years ago I had my bypass and it was the best choice I made. Were there ups and downs? Yes but I have no regrets. I was 300 lbs and now 180. I got as low as 150 which was a healthy weight but looked sickly on me. Where I am now, I am happy. I feel and look good. My high blood pressure is no longer an issue. And my fear of getting diabetes has been pushed aside. Tomorrow is my workout day and I am looking forward to going there and staying as fit as I can. 




-Moved into the new house mid- January and so happy too! It is much more space and so quite here. It is great to wake up to nothing but sunlight and well, the baby singing to herself in her room.

-Husband got a new car which will cost less in taxes and cleaner for the air so that is nice. Also a quite. Never knew how much noise that diesel made over the Prius.

-Got my sexy workout clothes at last and........they are in a size small from H&M! I am a small! I really need to keep things up if I am going to stay in those clothes because temptation is everywhere. It is so hard to keep passing that damn candy store, they have mint cookies and I love mint. It is rare to have mint ice cream and cookies here so the fact they sell them makes it super hard. I decided to order some mint extract and try to make my own mint chocolate sugar free cookies.




I have a friend who uses a sleep tracker to see times she is in REM, slightly awake, awake and other. I am thinking of downloading it because something is off lately with my sleep. I wake up so tired. As I laid awake in bed this morning, dreading getting up, maybe I can keep my son at home today. Just call in sick so I can get some rest. But that would have been a dirty lie. No one is sick, I would have no rest with two active kids in the house and school in important.

One thing I do know is that the baby wakes up at 5 am just about everyday. I can hear her crying, go check on her, no she doesn't want water or to be hugged or anything. If I leave her then within 10 minutes or less she is back to sleep. Problem is my husband gets up and makes a bunch of noise. It is an ONGOING issue with him. He is like a damn bull in a chine store. I got to get this man to be more quite at 6 am.


Mash potatoes

Ok this sucked, it had been a while since I had some mashed potatoes then I had a carb crash. WTH! One of my favorite meals is baked chicken, mash potatoes and corn. I mix it all up and eat it, it reminds me of my childhood. Funny enough I don't get a crash when I eat sweet potatoes.



The school thankfully has addressed the bullying issue and is trying to stop the kid from picking on my son. They also told us that if there is ever a problem report it. Don't feel bad about it even if it is everyday or every week, tell them. My husband and me were both bullied in school so we are trying not to let our past affect our son. Times are different now and being a bully is not accepted. School have active policies to handle situations like this. My husband wanted to put our son in judo. I told him that in judo you learn not to us it outside of the gym. This isn't some 80's movie buddy. This other kid is only 7, there is a chance for him to learn to control himself. My son also has to learn that he can tell us when there is a problem but also his teacher. If he tells her right then then something could be done right away.


Almost failed

Today was not a good day as a parent. Baby woke up at 5 am...crying off and on all day. Son is being bullied at school. I walked past the ice cream shop across the street and I wanted to stop in and just treat myself. I felt... like a earned it. I have put up with some much, kept calm as much as possible. I earned a damn ice cream. I went to a friends house, had some tea and vented. I went home and made dinner early. Sometimes I give in, not perfect but today I didn't.


Now, about that bullying..


New layout

This is taking time to get used to. Wish there was a clear guide to the changes. I just figured out how to quickly made a blog entry. Grrrrrr....the old system was fine! LOL! People always complain then we get used to it till the next change. Different day, same story


The Gym pt. 2

My gym membership came with one free hour with a personal trainer. Mine is on Friday. I am a bit worried because I twisted my knee carrying the baby and heavy groceries up the stairs. Sucky timing!

I am so happy to move to a normal house. Having to walk up a bunch of stairs to reach the front door sucks.



The gym

For two weeks I got to go to the gym on Wednesdays. My son would go to a work-out dance class there while I got a hour to do my thing. I was really looking forward to it but now my mother-in-law asked to watch my daughter every other week than every week. This kinda sucks. Got a gym membership but never get to use it. Thank goodness it is pay as you go.


Since my bypass 3 strangers have been influenced by me to have one too. Last month a woman who lives around the corner was at first scared to have one but she got over it. I am happy for her too since she is a single mother and all her daughter has. You do it for yourself but also for others sometimes. She looks great too and much happier. Now, all she has to do is stop wearing those baggy all black clothes.


Big changes

My son is out of the kiddy class and into what those in the US would call 2nd grade (I think?). He was at first upset because it meant no more play time but he is getting excited over it now. We also let him stay up longer than his sister and tell him he can do more because he is older and a big boy.

Wednesdays has always been the day he spends with his grandmother. She would pick him up from school and do stuff together. Also he would eat there. His dad was on Fridays. We would all eat lunch together but then the two of them would go out. So as mom I got the long school days where he would come home tired and just want to rest on the couch. It sucked. We had no time together.

As a child I wanted to spend just time with me and my mom but didn't get as much as I wanted. I want that with my son now. So I thought we can both go to the gym together. They have a kids workout/dance class and I can do my thing in the big workout space. This way I can also have time to work out. I normally only once every blue moon, life can be so busy sometimes and I know working out is important when you have had a bypass.

I don't know how my MIL is going to feel about this, hope she is ok with the changes but in the end it is my son and my choice. I know he'll be ok with it since he keeps talking about the gym and how we are both members together.



I really enjoyed my trip to Germany. The last trip was not fun at all. The place we stayed was no clean, the kids were not acting right, the vacation park itself was not nice looking, it was as if they built it in the 90's and did nothing else to improve over the years. This time we had breakfast and dinner included so no cooking or cleaning. The kids slept better and the food was great. Lots of fresh veggies to pick from. Not all deep fried at all! The staff was nice, the pool was huge! There was a very large baby pool and a water playground with water slides for kids. We all had a great time and would go back.


All this biking and walking and carrying has my legs hard as a rock, looking good baby! My legs have always been huge and fleshy. But my butt still has sad sag to it. Ugh! I don't want one of those freakish butt that are so in but maybe a Williams sister one. Natural, round, firm LOL!



I have my own doctor, one for my son and another community one for my daughter. Well, today the baby had to have two shots so we went off to the community doctor. She knew me before the WLS and all but for a year gap I've seen her for 4 -5 years several times a year. She will ask me how am I doing and how good it is going with the WLS. I had to laugh because she is one of the few who has seen this progress. Many current friends don't know me at my highest weight. It is great with doctors are supportive too.


Going to try to go to the gym on Thursday but we have an open house on Saturday. I will never do this open house route again. The first time was a total bust. It was cold and rainy, I cleaned the house from top to bottom and not one single person came. This time the weather will be better but it takes so much time to hide the knick knacks and stuff. I barely have the energy to do the daily cleaning let alone these extras all alone.

Wednesday I am going to try to be done with the upstairs cleaning. Friday the floors and Saturday morning stuff the dirty clothes in the washer.



As a child I was super shy. Not just a little shy but never said a word to people outside family and family friends. It took me till high school to make one friend. It was lonely at times. When I was expecting my son I wished for a child who would not be lonely, who would be popular, make friends easy, somebody who felt at ease around strangers and who was well liked.

In the end, that is what I got. It makes me so nervous when he talks to strangers. I grew up during the whole 80's stranger-danger thing. Come to find out most of that was a myth, most kids are kidnapped by parents. But moving on.....I get nervous but proud of my son. I hope my daughter is also more at ease with people than I am


Too late?

At church there is this nice woman who seems to always have some tragic tale. I don't know if it is all true. Each time I speak to her it

is something else. She said her sister was a singer who traveled a lot so she sometimes took care of her niece. Then she said she

had five daughters and after the birth of her youngest had an abortion of twins. The past Sunday she said her youngest daughter

was one of three but two died in-utero also one of her sisters died two weeks ago. This sister was supposed to have WLS but did

make it.

I am starting to wonder if she doesn't have some sort of mental disorder. She changed to topic quickly to could I help her braid her

hair. I found that so strange. She gave me her number but to tell the truth, I am not sure about her. She seems nice but kinda off. I

don't know. :unsure:


Seeing others

I've lived in my current house for 7-8 years. There are people who have also lived and worked in the area for year too so we see each other sometimes daily but others weekly. One woman who works in a cafe I've see her expecting, her child grow into a child and now I saw her again today after a month. I was surprised because she has a double chin now. It was always hard working around food to resist eating it. A father in my son's case was super thin before he became the head chef and now he is morbidly obese. When I worked in a restaurant I loved the creamy pastas! I still love pasta in fact. I limit the amounts I eat and it does help I don't work in that environment. I really wish the both for these people. It isn't easy at all.



-I have been bread less for over a week now. It is not easy to eat breakfast without it since it is so quick and easy. I haven't cut all breads so pasta is still on the plate but real bread nah.

-Tomorrow somebody comes to view the house and Saturday, please buy this place! It looks like we are close to buy another house so that'll be great. :unsure:

-Had a vegan meal tonight, was pretty good, lets see if I don't get hungry in an hour. (http://thewholeserving.com/wp/spicy-chickpea-burrito-bowl/) :wub:

-I took a two hour nap today with the baby, I can't believe I slept so long. I felt so good when I woke up too. Guess I really needed it :wacko:

-Went to my husband best friends wedding this weekend and had a great time. I had to leave early but my husband stayed till the end which meant a lot of his friend. Sunday I got a friend request from his mom! I limit myself to 50 friends on FB and she is such a sweet lady. I feel bad for nothing accepting but there are 3 others in front of her. I looked to see who I could cut off the list and replace but can't find anybody. :(

-Going to the movies Friday with my son, looking forward to some alone time with him. Going to the movies is our thing :D


I had a very very busy week. My son is home on spring break for two weeks, the first week I had him and his sister to care for 24/7, his birthday plus 3 friends at a play-park then we left for a weekend away. I am so tired. Now we are back home and yesterday while rocking the baby before her nap I fell asleep. I couldn't believe I just fell asleep in the rocking chair! This morning I thought I would eat some ontbijtkoek after one small slice I was full. I notice after super active periods I can't eat much. Strange.


Why do they charge you so much when somebody dies! I remember when I was a teen my mom died and they showed us really pricey stuff. My sister and I who was at the time 17 & 15 just agreed to everything. Our grandparents who were also grieving also agreed with us. I get they are a business but damn. My cousin died this week, looking at flowers to send and I was just shocked. Did we pay so much? Did people pay so much for my parents flowers? I feel kinda tacky but I am not crazy, ordered some standard flowers not from the Sympathy collection in a nice vase.


Growing up, I was told I was pretty and I was great the way I am. Now, people did laugh at me in school but at home never. It sucked

but I never looked in the mirror and thought I was fat and felt bad about my body. I think parents need to be more body postive then

your child will feel the same. I see mothers talking bad about themselves in front of their kids and it makes me cringe!

On Facebook one young lady said she looked like a fat pig in an old picture and her mother agreed, what the heck?! I was tempted

to say something about it but let it go. Some people seem to get some sick joy about that crap. Not me. So what triggered this post?






I think both parties were stupid acting. Don't like the ad? Move the heck on. I see ads I don't like for any number of reasons and I

just roll past them. I do not agree with this fat acceptance movement I think it is not healthy. My health was in bad when I was

overweight. Happy being fat? Fine but shut up about it. The same with those anti-fat. Live and let die. I think it would be great to

look like one of the Williams sisters but that isn't going to happen. I don't think it is an unrealistic goal but also unrealistic HAHA!

The internet and its body shape obsession is getting out of hand. Let Protein World do their thing and Harriet, let it go and wear

what you want on the beach.