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Eating and traveling, possible but no easy

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I found eating well during my recent trip to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected. For me, the lack of a routine was more of a wrench in my plans than anything else.

Here's a record of what I had while "out in the world."

Day One

Airport: Grilled portabello mushroom wrap with spinach, red onion, cucumber and tomato. And way too much vinaigrette. Despite the lighter vegetarian ingredients, the wrap was far higher in calories than expected (over 520 per serving).

Lunch: a beef sliders appetizer (three 1-oz beef patties topped with bacon and cheddar, mushrooms and bleu cheese, and barbecue sauce), a cup of split pea soup with ham. I only ate the beef patties and tossed the buns, then ate about 1/4 cup of the soup.

Dinner: meal prepared by friends: coconut chicken curry, vegetarian stir-fry, and basmati rice. I had about half a breast, a half cup of the stir fry, and a tablespoon or two of the rice.

Day Two

Breakfast: late start at Whole Foods buffet bar: scrambled egg, two slices bacon, 1 oz chicken tikka masala, 1/4 cup curried cauliflower, 1/2 oz baked tofu

Snack: packaged nuts

Lunch: protein shake

Dinner: Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger; ate half the patty and threw away the bun. Partner got a veggie pizza and I taste the tip of one piece.

Day Three

Breakfast: Whole Food buffet again: scrambled egg, two sausage links, 1 oz "chicken fried" tofu (it's really baked, not fried)

Lunch: appetizers at memorial service: chicken caesar salad on parmesan crisp, crab stuffed mushrooms, spinach artichoke dip

Dinner: 1 Penn Cove oyster, 4-oz sear tuna with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy, sauteed spinach with garlic, also tasted a small bite of churro, which I found too sweet and didn't swallow

Day Four

Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: all vegetarian Chinese restaurant: Mongolian "beef," eggplant and "chicken" hot pot, "chicken" and "sausage" fried rice. I ate way too much, way too fast and left most of it in the parking lot afterwards.

Snack: packaged nuts

Dinner: Classic Greek Gyro with feta, two keftedes (meatballs); I had three bites of the gyro and half a meatball, once again too much too fast, plus didn't chew well enough and got something stuck (which I surmised because water would not go down an hour after eating). Spent the better part of the next two hours leaning over the toilet with foamies, a few good wretches, and finally got the stuck bit loose. Finally able to drink water afterwards. Not a pleasant experience.

Day Five

Breakfast: protein shake

Snack: packaged nuts

Lunch/Dinner: protein shake at airport; got soy milk from Starbucks and mixed shake while waiting for plane.

I also had a 12-0z decaf, sugar-free hazelnut, soy latte from Starbucks practically every day.

At the time, I felt a little lost outside of my routine, but looking back on it, I feel I did pretty well considering. I know I could have made some healthier choices (burgers, bacon, etc.). The Chinese and Greek food were so fabulously good that I made a complete pig of myself and practically wolfed the food down. I paid the price for my indiscretion, certainly. Those two instances marked the third and fourth times since surgery that I've had to bring food back up after eating. I thought some of my portions were larger than I would normally eat, but since I was just relying on my eyes and not weighing/measuring, I did the best I could.

I also did my best to keep my hydration up, but I know I didn't drink as much as I normally do. I probably had a minimum of one to two liters of water per day, plus the liquid from protein shakes and coffee. I tried remaining mindful of fluids, but it wasn't always easy.

All told, I lost 11 pounds during the trip. That might sound exciting, but I suspect a large part of that was from dehydration. We'll see how things go when I weigh again next week.

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It really IS hard! My daughter was in the hospital for four days and recently and I had to really struggle to find things I could eat, but it did def force me to make the choices, which I guess is good practice. TG for my blender bottle and bags of shake mix that I keep in my purse! I lost two pounds, too...woohoo!

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