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Severe pain in sacrum while laying down

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Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I have posted. I have been having severe pain in my sacrum area since May 2010. I thought it was coming from my tailbone. Its worse when I am laying down. Also the seams in my pants etc also make pain worse. I know I have seen other post's from members who also have been experience this problem. As well. I have seen my pcp Dr. Had xrays MRI. Etc but no fracture or teams has happened to cause this constant pain. Its so bad that I wake up from the pain. I am having injection but no relief. I finally went to a spine specialist who thinksy problems are from my Si joint. Not to be confuse with your s1 disc area. I have to have a injection in the si joint and then if I can. Feel at least 75% improvement n relief of the pain two days after the injection then he can confirm that it is my si joint causing my pain

Of course surgery is recommended to relieve and fix problem. Will have to fuse the joint. I have spot on April 24 for injection.

Does anyone have any similar problem and if so what have you been able to treatment for relief of pain. I know there were several members who were suffering from tailbone pain bit I can't find the old posts. I am having problems with new format. I know its my own stupidity but I can't navigate this new website at all. I always thought my pain was from my tailbone also but have been told n informed that it's actually my Sacrum causing all the unbearable pain.

Please share any information that you have about this. I am desparate and pain is unbearable even with strong meds. Thanks for listening. Savonna. Current. Weight 128 lbs.

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SI pain is horrible. Mind gets "stuck" feeling. I am always asking my husband to pull my leg for traction. Have you had Physical therapy that does manual therapy like myofasial release? I recommend seeing one before having surgery. I am an Occupational Therapist a*#. so working with a lot of different PT's over the years I have learned some good self release to ease pain. Also if you have a deep muscle in your buttocks that is super tight that can cause that joint to come out of place. Good Luck.


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I have had pain like this for about a year, my chiropractor said it was from the sacrum, and all his treatments usually just made it feel worse, which was a new one for me bc chiropractic had always worked fro me in the past. Of course I have not had a ton of tests, but my pain seems similar, hurts when I lie down and feels "stuck". I am still pre-op and was praying that weight loss would improve it!! Hopefully I have something different because back pain scare the living daylights out of me!!

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