What's your go-to when you want a satisfying snack?

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Even though it's not meal time, I sometimes find myself with a hankering for something crunchy and tasty - especially in the summer.

This is my choice:

English Cucumber 0.5 cup chunked (52g)  

Celery, raw, 0.5 cup chopped 

1 large Scallion, 1

Salsa, 4 tbsp

0 fat, 45 calories, 8g carbs, 

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That sounds good refreshing! I've been eating a lot of lettuce salads this summer and I found these Planters heat peanuts that I love and just 1-2 oz are very filling and satisfying. 

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Radish salad! This looks beautiful too. 

Trim a bunch of radishes then slice super super thin. You might get 8 slices out of each radish.

Fresh parsley leaves, between 1/2-1 cup, diced coarsely. If you buy a bunch of parsley in your local supermarket this is about half a bunch of parsley for me. Then perhaps 3-4 green onions, or 2 through the center slices of Vidalia or red onions diced very small. Be sure the parsley is fresh and crisp; I put the ends of mine in water when I buy a bunch to keep it fresh.

Dress with balsamic vinegar and dot - just dot - with a fragrant olive oil. 

If you dice good feta cheese into it, it has protein as well as crunch. 

I recently made a mistake that turned out well - I had trimmed 2 bunches of radishes but only used one. I put the other in some water with plain white vinegar and forgot about them for a week. I found them in the back of the fridge a week later and the red color in the skins had leached into both the vinegary water and into the white core of the radishes - everything was pink. They were DELICIOUS pickled radishes, made a salad (as above) and they were quite a hit with the family. 

Great topic for a thread!

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