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Hi All, so I'm scheduled with my surgeon to have the vertical sleeve done at end of May. I was 100% sold on the sleeve but now I'm second guessing. I'm deathly afraid of gaining my weight back, so I was told gastric bypass (RNY) was better for that and controlling hunger, sweet cravings etc. Which would you recommend? I am 5'8" and starting at 260lbs. My goal weight would be 150-170 somewhere in there. Thoughts?

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Did your surgeon explain why he/she believed sleeve was right for you? Have the surgery you want. If you don't, you might not be as successful for mental reasons alone.

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The decision on whether to have the sleeve or a gastric bypass is a really important one, and you should be sure to pick the surgery that best fits what you want.  You will live with the effects of this choice for the rest of your life.

In some ways it is simple - both the vertical sleeve and RNY gastric bypass have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Each of them can help you lose weight and get to your goal weight, and then maintain at your goal weight.  As an informed consumer you need to make the weight loss surgery choice that is best for you and your needs. Note that sometimes this choice is mandated by your health insurance company or by your choice of surgeon (not in my case - BCBS of MA let me chose my surgery type, and my surgeon had lots of experience with both procedures).  Also, some people should only have one of these surgeries due to other medical conditions.

I chose gastric bypass for the following reasons (and have never regretted this choice);

1.  Gastric bypass surgery has a higher success rate than the vertical sleeve.  Quite frankly, if I am going to have weight loss surgery, then I want the most effective surgery.

2.  Gastric bypass has been performed for much longer than the vertical sleeve - so the side effects for gastric bypass are better known.

3.  Gastric bypass combines two separate weight loss methods into one surgery (small stomach pouch and malabsorption of calories), while the vertical sleeve has just one (small stomach pouch).  To me, more is better.

4.  Nothing is taken out of your body with the gastric bypass surgery, so that it can (in theory) be reversed - this is not true for the vertical sleeve.  More importantly, with gastric bypass (unlike with the vertical sleeve) you retain the rest of your stomach (besides your small pouch) in your body, so that in case of an ulcer or some other problem with your small pouch many years from now (which is not unusual) you will have spare and healthy stomach tissue inside you for a surgeon to use to make a new pouch.

5.  The people that I knew who had the gastric bypass lost all the weight that they needed to lose and got to their goal weight - while many of the people that I know that had the sleeve did not make it to their goal weight.

6.  The risk of GERD (gastric reflux) with gastric bypass is very minimal, while GERD is a common side effect of the vertical sleeve.  

7.  The major downsides of gastric bypass - having to take vitamins the rest of my life, a longer surgical procedure, and facing the possibility of dumping - were acceptable risks to me.  Taking vitamins is no big deal (and since I buy them at CVS on sale, it is not a major expense), since I was knocked out for my surgery I did not care that it took longer to perform the surgery, and I only dump about once every six months (any only after I do something "stupid" like eating a big bowl of ice cream).

I fully respect people who get the vertical sleeve, but I love my life with gastric bypass :)).  I eat an amazingly normal and healthy diet now that I am at my goal weight, and am able to lose any sudden weight gain (such as after a vacation) with ease.

Be sure that if you choice gastric bypass that your surgeon performs this surgery a lot; if not get a new surgeon who has a lot of gastric bypass surgery experience. 

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Thank you so much! Great information and great help!!

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