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Are there any lap band doctors in the dfw area that give fills without having to do a barium swallow? My surgeon was great, but has retired. I'm self pay & it was always my choice to do the barium swallow. It was also less expensive without it. It's less about the cost & more about the actual liquid though. I did it once & threw it right back up. I know I need a fill now. I've actually put it off a little. I just need a doctor that will just do the fill. I'll stay there and make sure I can keep down water, that's not a problem... Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome to Thinner Times Newton!

I can't answer you about not having to do a barium swallow with the band but if you do a Google for "Lap Band Dallas Fort Worth TX", it brings up a pretty good list.  I don't know if that's standard practice when having a fill - it's usually done to check for a band slippage.

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