1st time at a buffet restaurant since surgery

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my husbands family had their Christmas party Saturday, first time we have been to s buffet since surgery.  I didn't want to go but had no choice and really didn't want to pay that price for me to eat 2 bites with no left overs. Plus they don't know I have had WLS. 

i got a plate full of food so I would not have to answer the (is that all you are eating) question, I did great, I got some baked chicken a small salad a sweet potato. I ate ,3 bites of the chicken and it was really good, 1 bite of salad and 2 bites of the sweet potato and then I got my camera and started taking pictures and talking with everyone from table to table. That went over great no question I didn't eat too much and I had fun I was relieved that it went so smoothly. 

Everyone knows me as a BIG sweet eater but with me running around talking and laughing no one noticed that I didn't eat any. BUT at the end right before we left my husband had 1 little bite of carrot cake left on his plate, I love carrot cake!!! What do I do?? Yes I ate it and guess what?? Nothing happened, it was like wow, that didn't taste so great I really do not want any more. 

I didn't get sick but most of all I felt like I was in control , do you know what I mean? It did not have any power over me to go and get a big piece and eat it until I throw up. That my not be a big deal to any of you but it was for me. 

What would have happen if I did want more. I would not have gotten it because I love myself now!! It feels so good to eat a little and be satisfied , when I can eat without being sick. I know I am still a baby at almost 4 months out but isn't this what we want CONTROL. 

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Great job with the buffet and the party!  As you have learned, a dinner can be mostly about talking and interacting with other people, and not about eating.  Most of us are self-conscious and worry that we will stand out after our surgery by not eating a lot, but the reality is that today so many people are on strange diets that a person eating "less than normal" does not look abnormal.

Since my surgery I actually enjoy eating at most buffets.  I can get exactly what I want (for example, I can chose just to take pieces of meat from a stew) and can have a little bit of a lot of (high protein) things.  I work hard not to let the buffet's price drive me to overeat.

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I was at a do it yourself salad bar about a year after WLS and found it enjoyable to try things I had not eaten in that first year. I didn't put much at all on the plate and was simply amazed at the enormous mountains of food most people were piling on their plates. There's just something sad about a salad that likely weighs in at 4,000 calories.

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