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Well it has been 2.5 weeks since my surgery. It has been a physical and emotional roller coaster. I got my drains removed 1 week out. That made it a little easier to move around. At week 2 I went in to have my staples removed. The ones from my arms went okay with slight pain. My legs however were pretty bad. I cried through most of it with a lot of screams/sobs. They ended up removing only every other staple as my legs were not as healed completely. So I am going in on Wednesday to have the rest of the staples removed. I am not able to lift my arms all the way without pain and I can't lift my right arm all the way. The doctor said to exercise lifting it against the wall and crawl my fingers up higher and higher each time so I am working on that. This has actually been the toughest week. My emotions have been all over the place from happy to crying for no reason. The over thinking and being happy about the surgery to thinking if I had made a mistake and should have done more research and thought about it more. Not sure what is really wrong with me emotionally. I think it's probably normal after any surgery. I am stuck in the house and alone most of the time which is making me depressed. The doctor doesn't want me driving until at least week 4 or 5. So I am trying to find things to occupy my mind and thought I would update you guys on how everything is going. Until next time. 

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Hang in there <3 

Sending a big healing hug your way.

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