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Good evening, All -

Wasn't sure which thread/section to post this, but Exercise seems to be the most logical to pose a question. It may seem to be a bit shallow - but please bear with me.

Because I love working out, my surgeon recommended that I purchase a handheld body fat measuring device (Omron). I had my surgery in May 2014 and went from 342 to 180.8 on our home scale. At my lowest, my Omron-measured body fat was 29.4%. That measurement was on 11/01/2016.

A few weeks later, while running the Space Coast Half-Marathon, I badly injured my knee and wasn't able to do any meaningful walking/running for about 4 months. To replace that exercise, I started lifting...and in April, I began training 4x per week at a CrossFit box...and I love it. I'm now back up to running/walking 100 miles per month....

But my weight is now in the mid-190s (it was 193.4 this morning) with a body fat of 26.8%. I feel significantly better than I did when I was 180.8 lbs and 29.4% BF. My doctor is thrilled since the real metabolic danger for all of us is the amount of fat we carry and the harm it causes.

The challenge is in how to handle people who ask how many pounds I've lost and know that it's less than the 160+ I was quoting last year. They immediately go to some sort of "oh - so you're putting the weight back on" type of statement (ugh!)...and I kindly point out that I am now leaner than I was back then. Unfortunately, they equate muscle weight with fat weight ---- which is completely inaccurate.

So, my question is this ----- has anyone had this issue with others and have a better way of explaining it. I would think that folks would understand that 26.8% body fat is less than 29.4% body fat....but I guessed they missed the explanation of the number line when they were in 2nd grade.



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Just tell them that you're not tracking your pounds, but you are tracking your fat loss. Anyone who has an ounce of common sense should understand the distinction and if they don't, well that's their problem, not yours. Congrats on dropping so much fat!

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I have put on 5 pounds over the last year in an effort to build muscle. I still say I have lost over 100 pounds. If someone wants to get into more, I say that I am working to continue to build muscle while I train for a marathon now that I have finished my tri season. I look good. I am strong. My body can do amazing things. I don't need to divulge a number, but if I do, I don't let anyone have an opportunity to make it seem like the weight I have achieved is undermined by becoming stronger.

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