Reality Check -- This isn't supposed to be EASY

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I haven't had my surgery yet (nearly month 3 of 6 by insurance standards, no date yet), but this is something that I have been lecturing myself on, as well. Everything I put into my mouth now, I check the nutrition facts and ask myself, "Can I eat this post-op?" The surgery itself is only half the battle, the bigger part is your mind and your sheer will to get yourself out of this hole you've gotten yourself stuck in. For the longest time, I thought surgery was the "easy way out." Now I see that that couldn't be further from the truth. Surgery isn't easy - having the surgery isn't easy, healing from the surgery isn't easy, living with the surgery isn't easy, eating after the surgery isn't easy. Nothing is. It's just a tool to help you, a tool with a high success rate, but still just a tool. Going into the surgery believing much of anything else is just self-sabotage, in my opinion.

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